School Trips and Voluntary Donations FAQ
  1. Will all school trips and activities require contributions?

No. The teachers will organise school trips and activities that complement and support the children’s curriculum. Some will require contributions, but not all.

  1. Is there a limit to the amount that trips and activities will cost?

There is no limit, but teachers are very aware that they need to manage the costs on behalf of parents and carers. We aim not to exceed £10 per trip/event, unless there are special circumstances.

  1. When will parents and carers be told about school trips and activities?

Parents and carers will be given details of planned trips and activities several weeks before they take place.

  1. Will someone remind me to pay the requested contributions?

Contributions should be paid immediately. However, if you forget, teachers and the school office staff will remind you.

  1. What if we cannot afford to pay the requested contributions?

Pupils eligible for Pupil Premium will only be asked to contribute 50% of any costs.

  1. Can my child be excused from a school trip or activity if we cannot afford to pay?

No. All school trips and activities will complement and support your children’s education and development and we would like all children to benefit from these.

  1. How many school trips and activities are there going to be?

There are approximately 3 trips per year, but there may also be additional activities, such as music, arts and crafts, in-school special workshops and other events.

  1. What happens if less than 95% of requested contributions are paid?

If less than 95% of contributions are received the planned trips or activities will be cancelled.

  1. Will I get my contributions refunded if a trip or activity is cancelled?

Paid contributions will be refunded if a planned trip or activity is cancelled.

  1. How will the teachers try to minimise costs?

The teachers will aim to minimise costs where they can, for example, using public transport, sharing resources across year groups, asking for parents to help and bringing in recycling materials from home.

  1. Why don’t the teachers just organise free trips and activities?

Allowing teachers to access the full range of trips and activities, both free and paid-for, enables them to provide the children with the best possible opportunities.

  1. Can I pay more than the requested contributions?

If you wish to pay more or make a donation to the school please see Additional Voluntary Contribution FAQs.

  1. Can I pay the requested contributions on behalf of more than one child?

Yes you can pay additional contributions towards the cost of other children, but not for a specific named child.

  1. Can I pay cash rather than using the online system?

Apart from small scale activities where teachers may request a small cash contribution (e.g. £3 towards cooking), parents and carers must use the online payment system.

Questions & Answers: Additional Voluntary Contributions


  1. Can I pay additional contributions to the school?

Absolutely, yes you can.

  1. Do I have to pay Additional Voluntary Contributions?

No. All contributions are voluntary.

  1. How much can I pay in Additional Voluntary Contributions?

There is no limit on how much you can pay. All contributions, however large or small are welcome and will go towards helping us provide an outstanding education for all of our children.

  1. How often can I pay Additional Voluntary Contributions?

You can pay contributions as often as you like. Monthly, termly, annually and one-off payments are all welcome.

  1. How do I pay Additional Voluntary Contributions?

Regular payments can be paid using a standing order or as a direct one-off payment into the School’s “Donations” account. Further information to follow soon.

  1. How will Additional Voluntary Contributions be used?

Additional Voluntary Contributions will be paid into a separate donations fund that will be used to buy and maintain day-to-day learning facilities and resources for the children. Examples include reading books, PE and music equipment, and stationery. They may also be used to help us refurbish or redecorate areas of the school.

  1. Can anyone make Additional Voluntary Contributions?

Yes. Parents, carers, grandparents and other family members and friends can make Additional Voluntary Contributions. Please share the details with them.

  1. Will Additional Voluntary Contributions stop further cutbacks in the school?

Unfortunately, school funding nationally is already at a crisis point and we do know it will be much harder in the future. Because of this, even with Additional Voluntary Contributions, further cutbacks are likely.

  1. Does the Friends of Coldfall money get treated the same as Additional Voluntary Contributions?

No. Friends of Coldfall raise money to pay for one-off items, such as the school minibus, whole school events, workshops and wholesale refurbishments such as the nursery playground and the forthcoming new climbing frames.


Please take the following steps to resolve any queries:
1. Class Teacher
2. Year Team Leader
(Teachers and Year Leaders are usually available for
a brief conversation in the playground after school,
or please email the office to arrange a time)
3. Deputy Head Teacher
4. Head Teacher


Please take the following steps in order and refer
to the Complaints Policy on the school website:
1. Class teacher
2. Year Team Leader
3. Letter to Head Teacher, copied to Complaints Coordinator
4. Letter to Chair of Governors
5. Complaints Panel

If you are concerned about the safety and welfare of a child

Coldfall’s safeguarding team consists of three Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs):

Sebastian Descrettes – DSL

Louise O’Mahoney – EYFS Deputy DSL

Alex Sapirstein – Deputy DSL

The DSL team can be reached via the school number 020 8883 0608 or at This is a confidential email address for parents, carers or the wider community to use when they have a safeguarding concern about a child. Email to this address is only read by the Safeguarding Leads in school and enables anyone to raise a concern that they may not feel able to do in person. Please note that we will need identifying information in order to provide support. This inbox is also checked during school holidays.​


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