On Friday 8th June Coldfall entered the Haringey Schools Girls Netball competition held at Highgate School. We entered two teams Coldfall Blue and Coldfall Pink. Due to the high number of entries two competitions were played at the same time, both teams played some outstanding netball in their respective competitions with both teams winning every game they played on the day.

Coldfall Blue were entered into the Pool A competition and played a total of 8 games, winning all 8 games comprehensively. They were led by captain Mya-Jai Pond who helped set up Maggie Ferguson and Isis Gowan Dakwah for a number of goals. Also an outstanding defensive performance from My-Linh Tong helped Coldfall Blue be crowned winners of the Haringey Girls Netball Competition.

Coldfall Pink mirrored the success of Coldfall blue winning all 9 games they played in the Pool B competition. A special mention has to go to Ava Graney, Hannah Marks and Sofia Duarte for their excellent performances on the day.