Happy Birthday Coldfall.  October 2018

This academic year we celebrate the 90th anniversary of our amazing school. Coldfall opened in 1928 as a brand new school and at the time accommodated pupils from the ages of 4-15 years.

On Friday 28 September we held a wonderful celebration in school for all the children and staff. Children came dressed in their party wear and began the day making flags and hats, which they then brought into the special morning assembly. There was a true festive feel as the whole school gathered together waving their flags as we gave 3 cheers for the school. During the assembly, we welcomed the Queen (aka Mrs Bartlett!) who shared some royal tips on how to enjoy being 90 years old. The children watched some old footage of drill taking place and then had a go at doing some whole school drill exercises too. We gave out prizes to the winning entries of the 90th anniversary poster competition- the children had designed some really fabulous, eye catching posters, well done! Everyone then watched the most entertaining of sketches about 6 naughty children wearing the original brown uniform, receiving punishments for insolence and pranks, doled out by the very strict headmaster. The assembly ended with everyone singing a rendition of “Thank you for the days” written by Ray Davis from the Kinks.

As it was a sunny day we put all the dining tables outside and the children loved having their celebratory “tea-party lunch” out of doors. Well done to our chef Andrej and his team on making a record-breaking number of delicious sandwiches, scones and cakes! In the afternoon children enjoyed learning about and playing some traditional party games.

We hope the children all went home elated after such a special day and shared with their families some of the exciting events of the day.

Our celebrations will continue over the year to mark this special anniversary. Each year group will be doing a project on life over the last 90 years with a different focus…for example, one year group will be finding out about stories and authors, another about fashion and transport and another about special events and famous people from the last 90 years. In the summer term we hope to be learning about famous artists through the decades for our Exhibition evening too.

It is so important to learn about our own history as it helps us to understand our lives more fully and gives us a firm grounding and sense of belonging. We hope that all our families will continue celebrate this year with us.

Happy Birthday Coldfall…here is to the next 10 years before we celebrate the centenary!