On Thursday 30th January Coldfall Athletics team went to St Thomas More Secondary School to compete in the Haringey Finals. They were already in the top 6, and fought off the last competition, winning gold. On the jumping events, Thomas, from Woodpecker Class, starred, getting 6.5m metres in triple jump, and 2m 17cm in long jump.  It was a team performance though, and everyone did great. The track events went well, Coldfall winning both parloufs  (six lap races) and many other relays. The final scores were outstanding for  Coldfall who led overall by 39 points, with an impressive total score of 249! Before the competition, a hopeful Mr Browning said “You need to be mentally ready to step up. Can win every event, that is why you’re here right.” And the team certainly lived up to his expectations, Coldfall can be happy with that performance.