We welcome 11 Czech teachers to our school for the week. After attending our Monday assembly and having a tour of the school they said they felt totally inspired! They are here to learn not just about our style of teaching and curriculum, but specifically to find out how we develop and promote children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning. Most of them come from small Czech primary schools with a fairly homogenous Czech population, so coming to a large, multicultural London primary is a real contrast. They will be visiting our classes during this week, joining in with the lessons and may be teaching our children a few Czech words or stories.



Czech Teachers…what they said about Coldfall….

“ We like the uniform which creates a real sense of unity and pride.”

“There is real connectivity and consistency of practice within and between classes and year groups,”

“Assemblies are inspirational where children all have time to be together.”

“The focus on the values, citizenship and improving the world is wonderful – we would like to do this in our Czech schools.”

“The level of self discipline, good behaviour in young children is surprising – the children sit and listen and focus really well.”

“The ethos is amazing, the relationships are really strong, everyone is very welcoming and friendly!”

“The singing and music is a real highlight….we wish our children had this in our schools.”

“The leadership team are everywhere and always visible around the school – we love this.”