Coldfall Lockdown Success!

In the first of its kind Coldfall continued its sporting success by winning the first Virtual Haringey Indoor Athletics Championship.

This is the third year in a row that Coldfall have been the Haringey Indoor Athletics champions in year 5/6. Coldfall also won the first year3/4 championship. Although it was a completely different set up to past years, the children showed the same passion and determination to give their all in every event they took part in with some outstanding individual performances.


Year 3/4 Mixed Primary

1st – Coldfall – 2186 Points

2nd – St Marys – 1890 Points

3rd – Rokesly – 1886 Points

4th – Rhodes Avenue – 1884 Points


Year 5/6 Mixed Primary

1st – Coldfall – 2813 Points

2nd – St Marys – 2243 Points

3rd – Rokesly – 2237 Points

4th – Rhodes Avenue – 2228 Points

5th – St Michaels – 1963 Points