At Coldfall we are continually striving to make the roads around our school safer which is why we are thrilled that as of Monday 19th April 2021, Coldfall Avenue is now a School Street.


A School Street is where a walking and cycling zone is created outside a school during peak drop-off and pick-up times so only people walking and cycling, and those with vehicle permits are eligible to enter the zone. This will create a safer, more pleasant environment where children, parents and staff can travel to school by walking, cycling or other forms of active travel without the air pollution and congestion caused by motor traffic. The School Street will remain open to people walking and cycling, disabled badge holders and residents of the street, who will have a permit and will continue to have access via car. Anyone else who travels within the zone by car during the operating times will receive a penalty charge fee.

Our School Street will operate from on Coldfall Avenue from 8-9.30am and 2.30-4pm, Monday to Friday during term time only. Please see the attached map showing the School Street area. This is part of our response to Covid-19, where government advice on school travel is that parents and carers, children and young people should be encouraged to walk or cycle to school where possible, only drive if essential and avoid public transport.

We ask for support from the whole school community to ensure the success of this scheme, helping to create a safer and more pleasant environment around the school. With the introduction of this School Street trial, we hope that more children and families will feel able to use active travel as a means of getting to school.