20th Anniversary celebration

What a privilege it has been to be in post as Head Teacher for the last 20 years. An enormous thank you to all parents, staff and governors for the wonderful, surprise celebration and generous gifts, and to the choir for learning and performing my favourite Van Morrison song!

When I began at Coldfall on 1 June 1996, the school was a very different place. There were 200 pupils, mainly from the Coldfall estate, morale was pretty low and there were regular disturbing incidents on site. In my first year there were, for example, 4 arsons attacks on the school and on many occasion I would arrive at school on Monday morning to broken windows.

Since those early days, when Coldfall was classed as one of the worst 100 schools in the country with Y6 SATs results at 27%, the school has grown and changed in leaps and bounds thanks to the wonderful team efforts of governors, staff and parents. I can clearly recall the rejoicing on the day the school received its first appeal for a place, where previously many parents had had their children on waiting lists at other schools and were appealing to get out! There have been 2 rounds of expansion from 1 to 2 and then 3 forms of entry, tripling the school population, 4 very successful OFSTED inspections and now we also have “Teaching School” status and are proud to train the next generation of teachers.

It has been and continues to be the most wonderful and inspiring journey and I am grateful for everyday in school. The opportunities to nurture and be nurtured and to learn and grow are endless. The children make each day special. In headship you are so privileged to serve a community where you see and share in all of life with its sorrows and joys. I think I have learnt as much about life and myself, as I have about education and leadership.

Thank you for making my journey so memorable!

Evelyn Davies