On Friday Coldfall secured 1st place in the Haringey Primary Premier football league. After a hard fought 18 games season in which Coldfall won 17 games losing 1 that also included a 14 game winning streak, Coldfall were crowned champions beating Crowland primary school 5-2 and Colerine Park 5-0. The team included 8 players from year 6: Archie Toucher, Albin Silk, Frankie Badacsonyi, Theo Macaulay,  Elliot Burcher, Aaron Franks, Raphael Weston and Kasey Palmer. Also two boys from Year 5: Sam Goldstone and Flynn Gillett.

It has been an absolute pleasure to coach these boys and watch them develop as a team this year. To say I am proud of them would be an understatement, I hope the year 6 players continue to grow and develop in secondary school.

Mitchell Browning

PE Teacher

Coldfall Primary School