What a privilege to listen to  Miriam  from Educaid in this morning’s assembly. What the children in her schools have gone through these last few months is beyond our imagining, following on from the disastrous  mud slide and floods. Many of her students have lost not just their homes but loved ones, with some losing whole families.

It certainly helps put things into perspective with our own little worries paling into insignificance in comparison. The children were fantastic, eagerly listening to her stories and asking pertinent questions. Miriam was in tears when Kaleb and Ten (Y6) presented her with a cheque for £3,000, raised over the last 12 months. This will enable her to provide a really good education for 15 students for a whole year. Our next fundraiser for Educaid is next Friday 20 October, when we celebrate our Harvest Festival.  The children may dress up and bring in  a £1 to do so ….

Please keep the donations coming in as every penny makes a difference.  There’s a rather thought provoking and wonderful message being posted on social media at the moment, reminding us of how important it is to teach our children to become global, caring citizens..

“ Don’t become too preoccupied with your child’s academic ability

But instead teach them to sit with those sitting alone.

Teach them to be kind.

Teach them to offer their help.

Teach them to be a friend to the lonely.

Teach them to encourage others.

Teach them to share.

Teach them to look for the good.

This is how they will change the world.”

Click here to see photos of our Educaid assembly…