Children’s Welfare


At Coldfall we take our role to act In Loco Parentis extremely seriously.  Whilst your children are in our care we do the upmost to ensure they have a happy, and healthy experience, and that we have the best Safeguarding measures in place.  Staff take part in regular training to fulfil these roles, so that you can rest assured they will remain safe in our care throughout the day.

Below is some information on how we achieve these goals, but if you have any further questions please contact the office on

Medical Issues

Parents should notify the school of any medical issues relating to their child on admission to the school, including details of any medication. Children with a long-term medical condition will need to complete a medical plan.


Lauren Duggan

Laureline Verpiot

Natalie Huckle

Therapis Georgiou

Gail Roose

Margaret Soful-Arslan

Mitchell Browning

Leonie Gosling-brown


Clare Bunston

Annie Nichols

Please read our Medical Needs Policy for further information.


At Coldfall Primary School we follow our seven golden rules.

Golden Rules

We have clear routines, rules, sanctions and rewards to make sure that behaviour is excellent throughout the school,

Coldfall behaviour sanctions and Coldfall Behaviour Policy Summary

Read our Full Behaviour and Child-on-Child Abuse Policies.

A Healthy School

Coldfall has two qualified sports coaches committed to developing fit, healthy bodies.

We teach the benefits of exercise and eating a healthy diet. Our school meals meet all the nutritional standards and have been awarded the ‘Food for Life’ standard. All infant children receive a free hot school meal every day.

Find out more about school lunches HERE.

We also teach social and emotional learning skills to encourage children to develop good relationships with others, positive attitudes and mental well-being.

In our Food Technology room, children learn about nutrition, healthy eating and basic cooking skills.

Great Mental Health day
Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Coldfall is a very inclusive school and we welcome children with special needs, be they learning, social, behavioural or physical. We have a clear SEND policy and ensure all children are provided for as effectively as is possible.

Children with statements of special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) are given priority for admission and we make every effort to ensure they settle quickly and are given the support they require. Disabled access and facilities are in our Pond View building, new Reception classrooms and on the ground floor of the main building. There is also a lift up to the first floor.

Child Protection and Safeguarding

It is a sad reality that some children are abused by members of their family or by trusted adults physically, emotionally, sexually or through neglect. All schools have a legal duty to look for signs of abuse and report suspected cases to Social Services, who will then carry out any necessary investigation. At Coldfall we take this matter very seriously, using the local authority’s guidelines in carrying out our duty of care to our children.

Schools are also required by law to provide relevant information on children to Social Services as part of any investigation and to share that information at multi-agency child protection meetings, to which parents are usually invited.

While we always aim to work in partnership with parents in relation to children’s welfare, the safety and protection of the children are always paramount.

Read our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy HERE


We all lead busy lives don’t we? I bet you’re frantically running around trying to organise things for the festive season, be a great parent, friend and partner whilst desperately trying to find an opportunity for a run or the chance to play your guitar (very averagely) for a bit aren’t you?