Extracurricular Activities

To book a place for Activity Club you will need your School Money Login details. If you do not have this, you will need to contact the school Office  office@coldfall.haringey.sch.uk

Online booking via the School Money website will be open from Monday 10th July 2023 at 8.00PM. We are unable to take telephone bookings.  All club places must be paid for one term in advance. Please note that the cost of clubs is £9 per sessionPlease check the FAQs area on our website before contacting the school office. Clubs will run from 6th September 2023 to 20th December 2023. Clubs run from 3.40 – 4.40pm. Please also note that if your child is collected late from their clubs on three occasions, they will automatically lose their place at their after-school club.

 ** Please note, all clubs scheduled to be outdoors will remain outside, regardless of the weather, due to clubs operating at full capacity. Please send your child to school with the appropriate clothing. **

Autumn 2023

3.40 – 4.40pm

Club Leader Location



Clubs Start 11th Sept 2023

Clubs End 18th Dec 2023


Mixed Football Years 1-2 Global MUGA/Field (Hut)
Basketball Years 4-6 Miss Rekaj Basketball Court
Multi-Sports Years 3-6 Mr Hylton Top Hall
Minecraft Years 1-6 Mrs Orford ICT Room
French Years 3-5 Mrs Verpiot Swan Classroom
Animation and Filmmaking Club Years 5-6 Lucy Whitehead Classroom
Dance Years 1-2 JK Dance Academy Staffroom
Spanish Years 1-2 Mrs Nicolas Classroom



Clubs Start 12th Sept 2023

Clubs End 19th Dec 2023


Chess Years 3-6 Mr Karia Peacock Classroom
Gymnastics Years 3-6 Kingfisher GC Top Hall
Mixed Football Year 3-4 Global MUGA/Field (Hut)
Minecraft Years 1-6 Mrs Orford ICT Room
Bridge Club Years 5-6 Sue Johnson Swan Classroom
Drama Production Club Years 3-6 Drama Bones Staffroom
Art Club Years 1-2 Mr Nuzzoli Kingfisher Classroom
Multi-sport Years 1-2 Miss Rekaj Outside



Clubs Start 6th Sept 2023

Clubs End 20th Dec 2023

Please note, there will be no Clubs on 22nd November due to Parents’ Evening.

Girls’ Football Years 3-6 Miss Rekaj MUGA/Field (Hut)
Minecraft Years 1-6 Mrs Orford ICT Room
Gymnastics Years 1-2 Juliette Top Hall
Lego Club Years 1-6 Mrs Altintas Classroom
Cricket Club Years 3-6 James (Mdx Cricket) Playground

Cooking Club Years 4-6

Sign up is separate – please see details below.

Rookie Cooks Food Tech Room
Mixed Table Tennis Years 4-6 Mr Browning Main Hall



Clubs Start 7th Sept 2023

Clubs End 14th Dec 2023

Please note, there will be no Clubs on 23rd November due to Parents’ Evening.

Art Years 3-6 Sam Starr Toucan Classroom
Minecraft Years 1-6 Mrs Orford ICT Room
Multi-sport Years 1-2 Miss Rekaj Outside
Mixed Football Years 5-6 Global MUGA/Field (Hut)
Athletics Years 3-6 Mr Browning Outside
Lego Club Years 1-6 Mrs Altintas Classroom
Dodgeball Years 3-4 Mr Hylton Top Hall


Clubs Start 8th Sept 2023

Clubs End 15th Dec 2023

Please note, there will be no Clubs on 3rd November due to Fireworks Night.


Girls’ Football Years 1-2 Miss Rekaj Muga
Chess Years 3-6 Mr Karia Woodpecker Classroom
Yoga Years 1-3 Mrs Nicolas Lower Hall
Minecraft Years 1-6 Mrs Orford ICT Room
Dodgeball Years 5-6 Mr Hylton Top Hall
Dance Years 3-6 JK Dance Academy Food Tech Room
Drama Club Years 1-2 Debutots Classroom


Football (multiple sessions/year groups) – Football clubs will be delivered by Global Football Academy.  Groups will be mixed, and divided according to year group.  Sessions will focus on using small sided games to develop teamwork and skills with an emphasis on all children being active participants throughout.

Yoga (Years 1-3) – Mrs Nicolas, one of our Teaching Assistants, will continue to lead yoga this term.  Her classes will give children confidence, open their minds and their imagination, whilst stretching and strengthening their bodies to achieve poses both on their own and with partners. It will also give the children confidence and help them gain focus through various fun breathing techniques as well as by learning to play Tibetan singing bowls to improve the synaptic responses in their brain.


Art (Years 3-6) – Art Club will be delivered by Sam Starr. Sam is an experienced Art Teacher who believes in building confidence and ownership in young artists. Come to Art Club and enjoy:

  • Learning about Art & Culture
  • Explore & experience different ways of working
  • Celebrate & play with lots of ideas


Chess- multiple sessions/ year groups (Years 3-6) – Chess will continue to be delivered by Kamlesh Karia.  Children taught by Kamlesh have taken part in competitions both locally and nationally, winning trophies and gaining valuable experience of competing against others.  Chess has proven to be a very popular activity at Coldfall.

Athletics (Years 3-6) and Table Tennis (Years 4-6) – These sessions will be taken by Mitchell Browning, our PE teacher. Athletics clubs will work on speed, fitness and general skills. Table tennis will focus on playing the game using friendly competition to gain confidence and develop.

Minecraft-multiple sessions (Years 1-6) – Minecraft Club will be delivered by Mrs Orford. Children work together to build a shared world and practise their online communication and problem-solving skills in a safe, contained environment. Our focus is on the collaborative, creative and social benefits of Minecraft and the joy of imaginative play.

Basketball (Years 4-6), Multi-sport (Years 1-2) and Girls’ Football (Years 1-2, 3-6) These clubs will be led by Miss Rekaj; basketball and girls’ football will cover all aspects of the game and try to develop each individual’s skill set. Multi-sport will cover a number of different games and activities to help develop and build on the skills that our KS1 children are developing in PE.

Art Club (Years 1-2) – This club will be run by Mr Nuzzoli, one of our Teaching Assistants, with experience running art clubs in other schools. This club will cover a number of different techniques to help develop the children’s artistic nature.

Bridge Club (Years 5-6) – Develop learning skills though play – Playing and learning the game of bridge has been demonstrated to develop not just maths skills but problem-solving and logical reasoning skills in children. Like chess, the strategic nature of the game develops these cross-curricular learning abilities but unlike chess, bridge is a partnership game, so it also develops social skills such as empathetic thinking and all while your child is having a lot of fun.

You can find out more by looking at the website of New Tricks, the registered charity whose founder, Sue Johnson, will be running the club, at www.newtricksschools.org

If you would like your child to join the club, which will run on Tuesdays after school, then it would be a great start if you play card games with them over the summer holidays. Whether or not you are already a card playing family you can get all of the information and guidance you need on the website.  Sue is happy to be contacted (via the ‘Contact Us’ button on the website) to help or discuss.

Gymnastics (Years 3-6) Kingfisher Gymnastics Club – We are a long established Club since 1986 and registered with British Gymnastics and London Gymnastics since 1997.

We are winners of ‘Club of the Year’ through ‘Haringey Celebrating Sport’ Awards.

We gained distinctions through the National Development plan (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Competitions) and have been awarded the ‘Best Club’ in the ‘Regional Gymnastics for All’ Competitions at level 3. Every year we gain many medals and trophies in the Regional Competitions.

We are very proud to hold the highly esteemed ‘GymMark’ accreditation from British Gymnastics. This recognises us as a ‘Safe, Effective & Child friendly’ Club.

Michelle Pawley who is Head Coach and Managing Director holds a Level 4 Women’s Artistic Qualification (Performance Coach). Kingfishers’ other coaches are highly experienced and qualified Level 2 ‘Women’s Artistic’ and ‘Gymnastics for All’ Coaches. All our staff hold current DBS & Safeguarding certificates.

In our classes we follow the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards and also aim towards bringing the children up to a high standard. The children will be working on Floor, Table Vault, Springboards, Beams & Bars. We will focus on strength, flexibility, coordination and confidence. We also work to the Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 syllabus in order to give your child a head start at School.

We pride ourselves in having small groups and concentrate on the individual’s needs. We help and nurture each child to fulfil their personal ambitions and goals in their gymnastics career.


Cricket (Years 4-6) – This club will be run by James from Middlesex Cricket. James will be teaching all the skills needed to improve in cricket, using specialised drills as well as playing a number of fun and varied games.

Lego Club (Years 1-6) – Lego club will be run by Miss Altintas, one of our Teaching Assistants. Each club will allow the children to develop their fine motor skills and their imagination by using Lego to build something connected to a theme set by the leader.

Dodgeball (Years 3-4 and 5-6) and Multi-Sports (Years 3-6) Dodgeball and Multi-sport will be led by Mr Hylton, one of our Teaching Assistants. The club will involve playing a number of different variations on the game of dodgeball along with teaching the children the specific skills needed to play the game.

Drama (Years 1-2) – Debutots is a unique blend of interactive storytelling and dramatic play designed to:

  • build self-confidence
  • encourage self-expression
  • nurture a love of language and story.

Each week our original interactive stories will transport your children to an imaginary world where they can develop their creativity by becoming the characters, sounds and scenery of the tales.



French (Years 3-5) – French will be taught by Mrs Verpiot one of our Teaching Assistants. Ms Verpiot is a native of France and will teach the children French in a fun and enthusiastic way, using storytelling and direct teaching.

Spanish (Years 1-2) – Spanish will be taught by Mrs Nicolas one of our Teaching Assistants. Spanish will be taught in a fun and interactive way to give children the foundations to flourish.

Gymnastics (Years 1-2) –  is run by Juliette Tive-Hive. With 20 years’ experience teaching gymnastics and dance in North London covering various disciplines. General gymnastics, acro, cheer, pre-school & display gymnastics.

Juliette and Marcy are happy to be providing new after school gymnastics sessions in partnership with Coldfall Primary.

With successes of achievements in London gymnastics, Haringey schools’ annual gymnastics competitions, London Youth Games & British Gymnastics events, we look forward to teaching gymnastics skills in a fun and motivational space. With a strong focus on floor agilities, children will explore and perfect gymnastic technique to help them engage and retain transferable skills.

Dramabones (Years 3-6)

The Dramabones beliefs :

Drama instils life skills.

It allows children to express themselves; think creatively, and boost their empathy and emotional literacy.

It improves voice projection, articulation, fluency of language and confidence with persuasive speech.

We encourage children to work collaboratively, nourishing their imaginations and building their self-esteem in a nurturing setting.

We will develop their confidence by trying new things and taking risks, making new friendships, work as a team, enhance concentration alongside verbal and non-verbal communication and give space to support everyone’s imaginations.

Our curriculum is inclusive and robust; valuing both the drama process and end product.

We are really excited to begin the term and to meet and learn with your children.


Rookie Cooks (Years 4-6) – Please note that booking for this club is directly via Rookie Cooks on 7th July not School Money. See the flyer attached to this email for booking information. Come and cook with us every Wednesday in Autumn Term! On the menu … Apple and Blackberry Crumble, Stir Fry, Honey Cake, Samosas, Spooky Halloween Cookies, Five bean Chilli, Handmade chocolates in pretty boxes, Paneer and Sweet Potato Korma … and lots more!

Cooking is fun – especially if you’re between seven and twelve. Things to squeeze, knead, squirt, whisk, slice, grate and dice … and that’s before you get to enjoy the results!

There are so many things kids learn from cookery classes.

They learn to follow recipes, to think ahead, weigh things accurately, chop things evenly and act sensibly around sharp knives and hot stoves.

But they also learn to be creative. They learn when you can improvise with a recipe and when you can’t. They learn to eat things that they think they don’t like (because everything tastes better when you’ve made it yourself).

They learn that good, nutritious food is easy to make and completely delicious, and that working together leads to making new friends.



Dance (Years 1-2, 3-6) – The J.K. Dance Academy, founded by Jessica Hewitson in 2003, is an independent dance school in North London. Teaching over 400 pupils on a weekly basis – we run open classes for all to attend throughout the week in studios in Muswell Hill and Crouch End. Plus, in-school sessions for pupils of over 10 local primary schools – delivering breakfast, lunchtime and after-school clubs and PPA dance specialist classes.

We are so excited to be bringing JK Dance to Coldfall Primary!

J.K. Dance Academy teaches children (age 4 –17yrs) the disciplines of modern, street, stage, and freestyle dance – fusing all the genres together to give an eclectic and well-rounded knowledge of dance to its pupils.

J.K. Dance is an inclusive, kind and exciting environment that teaches pupils of all abilities.  Join us today and see your child’s confidence, skill and love of dance soar.

All are welcome!





Animation and Filmmaking club (Years 5-6) – Join our new club for all things stop motion animation and filmmaking! Children will learn how to create animated films in 2D and 3D while using the latest apps for tablets. They will have fun devising and shooting their own live action films in a “crew” practising different roles. The club will be perfect for children who love art, IT, creative writing and cameras / editing. All films are shared with parents at the end of the term. No experience necessary, course run by experienced practitioner Lucy Whitehead from Animating Education (www.animatingeducation.co.uk)

Music Tuition – BOOKINGS CLOSED – Year 4 and 5 only

Lessons in flute, clarinet, saxophone and trumpet will be delivered by teachers from Haringey Music Hub. Lessons will be in groups of three and last for thirty minutes. They are open to children from year 4 and 5 only. Payment must be made in advance on a termly basis. Children are expected to take lessons for at least one year. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn an ensemble instrument alongside their friends and will result in opportunities for performances.

Activity Clubs F.A.Q.s

Frequently asked question about extra-curricular clubs

When do clubs run?

Clubs run for the duration of term time, from 3:40pm to 4:40pm.  If the school is open, clubs are on.  The only exception to this is when school closes early on the last day of term or if there is a special event e.g. says Parents’ Evening or Fireworks Night – you will not be charged for these days.

What if a club leader is absent?

There are several ways in which a club will be covered in the event of a club leader being absent:-

  • A member of Coldfall staff will cover the club
  • In some instances, the club leader will arrange cover in advance
  • The children at the club will take part in a club run by Mr Browning or Miss Duggan that week

Why can’t I find the club I am looking for on School Money?

When a club is fully booked, they no longer appear on School Money.

Why do certain days have more clubs for KS1 or KS2?

We try very hard to have a good balance of clubs available to all year groups on any given day; however we are limited by the days that external club leaders are able to deliver their sessions. 

What happens to outdoor clubs during bad weather?

Unless the weather is extreme, all outdoor clubs will continue outside.  Please ensure your children have appropriate winter kit for outdoor sports. 

Why can’t more clubs be added to the timetable?

We are currently using all available spaces for extra-curricular clubs.  To maintain high standards, as well as for health and safety reasons, we do not have more than 20 children in a club unless an additional adult is available to support this.  We have added clubs to the program which has increased overall availability, but we cannot guarantee that your child will get a place in their first choice club.

My child really enjoyed a club.  Why has it been cancelled?

Clubs will be cancelled for the following reasons:-

  • Lack of demand
  • The club leader can no longer commit to delivering the club


Why don’t you keep a waiting list for clubs?

A waiting list would be very difficult for the school to maintain. It would take up a huge amount of time and would affect the day-to-day running of the office.  To make the system as fair as possible, we will inform parents and carers of when the club bookings will open in good time. 


What is your policy on refunds?

No refunds are available. Your child is committed to a club for one term.  If you chose for them to stop attending, you will not receive a refund.  It is also not possible to switch to another club during the term

In the unlikely event that your child has to be withdrawn from a club due to their behaviour, you will not receive a refund for the remaining sessions. 

Please note that if your child is collected late on three occasions in one term, they will lose their place at their club and you will not receive a refund for the remaining sessions.