Friends of Coldfall (FoC) are the Coldfall Primary School parents and carers association. Our ethos is to provide fun activities while raising funds to support the school and so create a happy, friendly, and inclusive environment. We are a registered Charity and the money we all raise provides funds for school resources that are not met by the London Education Authority. Every parent and carer who has a child at Coldfall is automatically a member of FoC, we have a simple structure; parents, class reps and the committee.

Key events run by Friends of Coldfall are the renowned Fireworks Night and the Winter and Summer Fairs. Other events include a welcome picnic for new Reception families, a Valentines Disco for the children and social nights for parents such as the hugely popular quiz night.

To see all the latest events, products and activities please do visit and register at where you can purchase tickets and much more..

How to get involved:

If you would like more information about Friends of Coldfall; would like to share ideas with us; volunteer to help; or sign up to our volunteer WhatsApp group then please email us at

We actively encourage all to get involved with our fundraising activities. There is no specific commitment required. Your involvement would be most welcomed, however big or small.


Heidi Cleary                     Chair

Flora Blackwood              Secretary

Roopa Makena                Treasurer

Susie Martin                    Class Rep Co-Ordinator (

Flora Blackwood              Health & Safety

Douglas Blackwood         Governor Liaison

Jojo Brook Smith              Teacher Liaison

Rob Cory                          General Committee Member 

Jana Kurtova                    General Committee Member

Elliott Jacobs                    General Committee Member

Katrina Goldband             General Committee Member

Cenkhan Altintas              General Committee Member

Simen Altintas                  General Committee Member

Verity Coyle                      General Committee Member


I’m aware that a banana may, on first thought, seem an obscure image to sum-up positivity. However, the colour is bright and optimistic and you can place the banana in front of ones’ face and present a bright and positive face to the world.

Fireworks Gallery