Fundraising for EducAid

The Mission

EducAid’s goal is to improve poverty through education.  It takes roughly £250 per year to put a child through the EducAid program.  Not only are they taught there, but many children live at the schools.

Coldfall has been supporting and working with EducAid over the last 12 years and our children have been inspired not just to learn about the charity’s work and the way of life for children in Sierra Leone, but to undertake all sorts of special projects to raise invaluable funds for them.

The Solutions

We have been privileged to have had Miriam, the founder of Educaid, to come and talk to us on many occasions about the amazing projects going on in her schools.

We are extremely grateful to our school community who have worked so hard to support the fundraising events over the years and continue to do so.

Please read about the latest Educaid events in our school and how you can support them. Thank you.


15-10-2019: 25th Anniversary of Educaid Coin Collection

We celebrated World Maths Day on 15th October, linking it to EducAid’s 25th anniversary, with a large 25 chalked onto the playground which each class filled in with the coins collected for EducAid.  £1256.92 was raised from this activity alone.  Thank you very much for supporting this. We were able to present Miriam with a cheque for £5000 on Thursday 17th October, when she came to Coldfall for her annual visit. This amount will enable 40 children to receive an education through one of the EducAid schools.


26-03-2019: Coldfall’s “Make a Difference” Concert in Aid of EducAid’s 25th Anniversary


On Tuesday 26th March at 6.00pm we hosted a wonderful musical extravaganza to celebrate the amazing work of EducAid, in supporting the education of some of the most vulnerable children and young people in the world in Sierra Leone.

Coldfall has had a long standing relationship with EducAid for the last 14 years and has witnessed firsthand the remarkable story of the growth of this charity. Our children have benefited hugely from learning about the lifestyle and challenges youngsters face in this part of the world and this academic year we are working together on the Empathy Project, which you will hopefully know about from your own children.

Developing strong global citizenship in our children is an important part of their learning and encourages them to grow into caring, active citizens who want to make a difference in our world.

We welcomed Miriam Mason, EducAid’s Country Director, who shared with us the story of the EducAid journey and the impact it is making on so many young lives.

Winter 2018: Christmas Concerts and Christmas Jumper Day

At the end of 2018’s Autumn term we raised £6000 from the Christmas Concerts and Christmas Jumper Day which will mean 24 children will receive an education for one year! Thank you for making such a difference!


Mrs Huckle and a 10k Run

Our lovely Teaching Assistant and Coldfall mum Natalie did a 10k sponsored run for Educaid on the 21st July 2019.  She raised over £1000.  Taken from her donation page Natalie explains her motivation for taking up the challenge:

“After watching a video of our head teacher and her team visiting a school in Sierra Leone, I was reminded of how fortunate we are and how much we take for granted here in the UK. I want to raise as much money as possible for Educaid and also to ‘repay my debt of gratitude’.   Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and I believe that every single human being should have access to education. “

Coldfall Marathon Challenge

“Following on from Mr Bardgett’s inspiring marathon run for Educaid, we are asking all our children and staff to take part in the Coldfall Marathon challenge, running laps of the field between now and the end of term in break times and PE lessons. Please sponsor the children and spur them on…it’s all in a great cause for the children in the Educaid schools in Sierra Leone – thank you!

Ms Feary, Mr Spitz, and the Hackney Half

Coldfall parents Jo Feary and Richard Spitz ran the Hackney half marathon for EducAid on Sunday 20 May. They’ve raised over £1500, and the support for the cause from their friends (including other parents at the school) and families played a big part in helping them round the course.

Michael Brockman and the Hackney Half

Coldfall Dad Michael Brockman ran the “Hackney Half” for Educaid – and he did an amazing job.

If you would like to still make a donation in support of Mr Brockman and the Half Marathon, please find out more information at:

Mr Bardget and the Edinburgh Marathon

Mr Bardgett (one of our Trainee Teachers) ran the marathon in Edinburgh during the May half term break 2018, in aid of EducAid.

He raised over £300 and gave a special assembly to tell us all about it when he returned to school.  This lead to us running our own Coldfall Marathon event for Educaid.

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