Maths at Coldfall


At Coldfall the children are taught using the White Rose maths workbooks and schemes. These are rooted in the mastery principles of the National Curriculum, and designed to give children a deep understanding of mathematical principles, a precise and accurate mathematical vocabulary and a range of highly effective, problem solving techniques and promote excellent mathematical reasoning.

By effectively using this approach to improve the subject knowledge and pedagogy of teachers we aim to raise standards of teaching and learning, increase children’s confidence and enjoyment and instil firm foundations for them to succeed in maths in the future.

Maths Key Skills
Particular skill areas are described as ‘key skills’ because they help learners to improve their learning and performance in education, work and life. These are embedded in the school’s curriculum.

The key skills for Maths in each yeargroup can be found on the Class Pages HERE

Maths help for your little ones


Below we have some creative suggestions of how to help your younger children with their maths at home.  If you have other ideas and suggestions, we would love to share them on this page.





In order to support parents in helping their child in maths at home, Oxford Owl have published these excellent materials that address specific areas of the maths curriculum including: counting, addition, subtraction, fractions and so on.

Contained within each section are mathematical models and principles, practical tips, methods and exemplification. We hope that you find the guidance useful. We would recommend the ‘you can’ sections that will really engage your child with fun and practical learning activities.

Click on the links below to go through how the children are taught these various techniques at school.







                                                THE VIDEOS ON THE RIGHT ARE SOME IDEAS FROM OXFORD PRESS ON

                                                                             HOW TO  LEARN INSPIRE AT HOME    



USEFUL WEBSITES–2/maths-in-school – downloadable PDF booklets – subscription. A focus on basic skills, challenges and competitions. – improves children’s mathematical knowledge and ability with parental support. Video tutorials, demonstrations, games and worksheets. Annual subscription cost.   for KS2 for KS1

– all key concepts and elements of maths are covered here as well as games and activities to support children’s understanding. – as well as homework support this website offers links to fun games and activities. – times tables – times tables


In Flamingo class assembly the children told a story about how everybody has worries. Fortunately they also shared how talking about our worries and problems can help them to reduce and go away.