The Curriculum

The school employs a PE specialist, Mr Browning, with qualified teacher status to drive participation, standards and attainment in PE. Sports coach Miss Duggan is in her first year at Coldfall and works alongside him, ensuring that we have strong male and female role-models for children and staff.

Children receive two hours of PE a week with one session taught by the class teacher and one by a member of the PE team.  Class teachers will teach part of their PE lessons using the new International Primary Curriculum that we have begun to use this academic year. For their other weekly lessons teachers will continue to use and adapt the Val Sabin and LCP schemes of work to support their planning.

The curriculum will be adapted to ensure a suitable range of dance, gymnastics, athletics and games are included in each year group, with a strong focus on developing fine and gross motor skills, movement and balance in order for all children to be able to participate to a high standard both in competitive sports and against their personal targets.

There are a wide range of resources available which reflect the requirements of the curriculum and ensure that the teaching of PE is of the highest possible standard.



At Coldfall we provide a wide variety of high quality extra-curricular opportunities for pupils, where children learn new skills leading to increased confidence and enhanced well-being.  A range of sports clubs are delivered by our specialist PE teacher and sports coach, including gymnastics, dance, netball, tag-rugby and American football.

We also offer football, multi-sports and yoga to a variety of age groups across the school, led by external providers who all hold relevant coaching qualifications.

Where possible, links with local sports clubs are utilised to provide pathways to further participation outside of school.

We also offer cycle training and swimming to Year 5 pupils.


Competitive Sports 

This year we will continue to make full use of the Haringey School Sports Partnership.  The PE curriculum in Year 5 and 6 will be tailored to prepare children for external competitions.

Last year pupils from across Key Stage 2 took part in competitive sport against other schools through Haringey’s timetable.

Notable successes were the netball A and B teams winning their respective tournaments, both unbeaten and the boys’ and girls’ football teams winning the Haringey leagues. As a school we also won the Haringey athletics and gymnastics. This meant we then represented Haringey in the London Youth Games for netball, athletics and gymnastics.

We have forged excellent links with local primary schools which has allowed us to organise a regular cycle of friendly competitions across a range of sports.  This has led to a significant increase in the number of pupils representing the school in competitive sport.


Quality of Teaching

The school will continue to use the excellent CPD programme on offer in Haringey.  Last year staff were selected to attend the following courses, based on individual needs:

  • Striking and fielding/net games
  • Healthy and active lifestyles conference
  • British Gymnastics Accredited Course
  • Invasion Games at KS2
  • EYFS/KS1
  • TAs/HLTAs – Playground games
  • Gymnastics KS1 & KS2


Strategies, resources and knowledge gained by those attending CPD were fed back to staff during staff meetings and within year groups, a model which we will continue to follow this year.

The PE team will also continue to provide targeted CPD across the school. Along with all of the above all year groups were provided with CPD and given the chance to work with specialist coaches in either cricket or tennis as these were areas we identified as sports we wanted to increase participation in.


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