The School Day


The school gates open at 8.45am. Children are expected to be in the playground in the morning before the bell rings at 8.55am, but should not arrive before 8.45am unless attending Breakfast club, so that they are not left unattended.

Children who arrive later than 8.55am must be signed in at the Welcome Desk and are given a “Signing In Token” to present to their class teacher.

There is an assembly three times a week at 9.00am, either for the whole school or specific year groups. Parents are invited to attend the Friday morning assemblies when their child’s class is leading the assembly. Please look in the newsletter for details.

Morning playtimes          

Years 1 & 2              10.30am – 10.45am

Years 3 – 5              10.45am – 11.00am

Year 6                       11.00am – 11.15am



Between 12.00 & 2.00pm – each year group has one hour


Afternoon playtime

Years 1 & 2              2.30pm – 2.40pm


The school day ends at 3.30pm

(gates open at 3.20pm)


Extended Day Hours

Children attending the Breakfast Club may arrive at 8.00am and those staying after school may stay until 6.00pm.


School Office Hours

The school office is open to parents at the following times:

8.45am – 9.15am

3.20pm – 3.50pm

Any other enquiries can be dealt with by emailing the OFFICE



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