Schools Direct Teacher Training (unsalaried)

Classroom based Initial Teacher Training



“School Direct is a school-led route offering you a way to qualify as a teacher (QTS) while based mainly in a school.”

(Middlesex University website 2017)




Designed to provide a high quality, employment – based Post Graduate route to qualified teacher status, Coldfall Teaching School works in partnership with local primary schools and Middlesex University to provide Accredited Teacher Training.

The Partnership Schools have many years of experience training teachers to an exceptionally high standard.  There is a recognition of the vibrancy, enthusiasm and drive trainee teachers can offer to our school community, and this is valued across the network.

Please CONTACT US for information on how to apply for a Student Teacher position with Coldfall, or to discuss any other questions you may have about Schools Direct at Coldfall. 

Also see Midllesex Universitie’s website for more information on how to apply for the teacher training through UCAS.


Why Train With Coldfall?


Over 15 Years of Training Teachers:

We have been training teachers at Coldfall on school based training programmes for more than 15 years.  Many of our established teaching staff have been trained at schools within our partnership.


Quality assurance from Middlesex University:

Every year we plan a programme of activities which runs alongside the work of the Middlesex University to support the trainees to become the best teachers they can be.


Vision and Excellence:

Our vision is to train the high quality teachers to provide the very best education for the children within our community.


Specialists with a Large Network:

As the partnership has grown along with the number of trainees, the programme of support has become more formalised. By utilising the specialist skills and know-how from our partner schools this is probably the best training programme we have ever provided.


Excellent Partner Schools:

The schools are fantastic places to work and learn, with rich and diverse cultures that reflect the local communities within the areas they are situated.

They provide a unique school based learning opportunity in partnership with the Middlesex University, working to create an environment in which staff, pupils and trainee teacher’s feel valued and supported.


Outstanding Teachers Sharing Skill-sets:

Our teachers are excellent practitioners and are eager to share their skills, knowledge and practice with the next generation of teachers.


My Advice:

Go for it! Teacher training is one of the most exhausting experiences, but also extremely rewarding. I learnt a huge amount on the Schools Direct course, and it was great to become part of a hard-working and vibrant school community.

Erin Jarvis

Class Teacher, Trained from 2016-2017

My Advice:

Taking the Schools Direct route was the best decision I could have made, because you’re gaining valuable, hands on experience. I learnt so much from my incredibly, supportive mentors. The course can be challenging at times. But in the long run, it is extremely rewarding. So if you’re thinking about applying, then don’t delay and just go for it.

Rhianna Roberts

Class Teacher, Trained from 2020-2021

My Advice:

It is an incredible opportunity for self-improvement, and qualifying as a teacher has an immense sense of achievement.  Knowing you are good at something, and can learn to be an outstanding teacher is so rewarding.

Ben Kitchen

Class Teacher, Trained from 2012-2013

My Advice:

The decision to apply for School Direct Teacher Training has been life changing. I have grown in so many ways and found the experience extremely rewarding. I feel so incredibly proud to call myself a teacher. Immersing yourself in school life is the best way to learn. My mentors were inspirational and I could put into practice the theory being learnt at university each week. The training may push you out of your comfort zone a few times but it is worth it! Good luck!

JoJo Brook-Smith

Class Teacher, Trained from 2020-2021

About the training programme

Most of the time will be spent working alongside an experienced class teacher at your allocated school. You will be expected to attend all staff meetings and development days and to engage fully in school life.

This is a demanding course, not only will you need to complete university assignments you will also need to plan and prepare for teaching every day. It is expected that you will be in school every day excluding weekly, off the job training days. 

The Primary School Direct model for training is predominantly subject based and includes national priorities in primary education. Trainees attend on alternate Wednesdays throughout the year at Middlesex University, Hendon Campus.

The subject training is complemented with professional enrichment which is undertaken by trainees as ‘mini research’ in school.  University tutors visit the trainee and mentor throughout the training year to provide support and to ensure a consistently high quality training experience.

All trainees who successfully complete the programme will be awarded Qualified Teacher Status.

Following successful completion of the assignments trainees will be awarded the Post Graduate Certificate in Work Based Learning Studies, in addition to QTS.  This qualification provides 60 credits towards an MA in Education.

What we are looking for

Person Specification:

  • Ambitious trainee teachers who are passionate and enthusiastic and have a desire to share those qualities with young people of all abilities in the primary age range.


  • To recognise the importance of working as part of a team and being both proactive and reflective in their practice.


  • A  need to understand the commitment that they will need to make in terms of time and energy.




  • School Direct (unsalaried) is primarily aimed at career changers with three or more years post graduation work experience, but we will consider exceptional candidates who do not meet this criteria if they can demonstrate some experience of working with children and meet the other entry criteria.


  • Have had some experience of working with young people of primary age. This does not need to be paid work but might be helping with a sports team, drama group, youth club or volunteering in a local school.


Current Schools Direct Students 2021-2022

Below are the training dates for this year.   For those trainees based at our partner schools it is completely free of charge. Please CONTACT US if you have any questions.


Schools Direct Trainee Training Times 2021-22:

These are additional training sessions planned to support trainees at our partner schools. They are in addition to the training provided by the Middlesex University.


All training takes place on Tuesdays between 2.30 and 4.00 in the Coldfall training room(unless otherwise stated)