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Weekly reminder 10th April – 14th April 2024

Whole School

You are invited to attend our school sports days on the following dates:



Monday 10th June

9.15 Nursery

11am Reception

Tuesday 11th June

9.15am YR 1 and YR 2

Wednesday 12th June

9.15am YR 3 and YR 5

Thursday 13th June

9.15am YR 4 and YR 6

These dates may be subject to change if the weather is too wet to use the field. Hopefully it will remain warm and dry throughout the week.

Nursery-Year 5 - We would like to ask parents to please email the school office if you are planning to leave Coldfall at the end of this academic year. Please include your new address and your child’s new school as we will need to send their records to their new school.