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Weekly reminder 1st July – 5th July 2024

Whole School

Election Day – Thursday, 4st July – School is closed for children

Year 3

  • Magpie Class – Shrek Adventure Trip - Monday, 1st July

Year 4

  • SEND Support meetings - Monday, 1st July and Tuesday, 2nd July

Year 6

  • SEND Meeting - Wednesday, 3rd July
  • Trip to Shaftesbury Theatre, to watch Mrs Doubtfire – Tuesday, 2nd July: The Show starts at 7.30pm; Meeting point is, East Finchley tube station at 6.20pm
  1. We are really excited ahead of our upcoming trip. Please arrange for the children to meet school staff at East Finchley tube station for 6:20pm for a swift 6:30pm departure so we have enough time to get to the theatre and find our seats. Staff will walk from school to the tube station with any children who are in Night Owls that evening. We cannot wait for children who are not on time.
  2. Pick up will be at East Finchley tube station at about 11pm. We will message the class reps when we are leaving the theatre with a more exact time.
  3. Please make sure the children have had dinner before coming to East Finchley. Children attending night owls will be fed their snack, but we advise packing them something extra so that they do not go hungry. Children can bring a small snack and water bottle that fits in their pocket or that can be held easily. We ask that the children wear their school uniform.

  • Enterprise Project – Year 6 children are currently working on an enterprise project. This week they have come up with a business plan which they will pitch to the ‘Dragons’ on Monday, 1st July. If their pitch is successful, they will be granted a small loan of £5 which they can use to pay for the materials that they will need.

The enterprise fair will then run on Exhibition Evening (Thursday 11th July) from 3:45-4:45pm. This will then allow enough time for the children to show you all of their exhibition Art and Maths Fair projects in the classroom.

There are some children performing in a choir concert, they will finish the Enterprise fair slightly earlier so that they can get to the lower hall.

Please advise your children what to do at the end of the Enterprise Fair, whether to meet you on the school site, walk home or go to night owls. The idea of the enterprise project is to make money from the initial loan given, not for the children to spend their own money or your money, please prevent them from doing so.

If you are happy for the children to borrow reusable items from home e.g. cool bags, then this is OK.


Ongoing Information

Outstanding debt

We would like to ask parents to please clear any outstanding debt that they have on School Money as we will be moving to a new system called Arbor. In order for the move to go smoothly all debt needs to be cleared from everyone’s School Money account. If there are any issues, please contact the school office as soon as possible.

Please watch out for an e-mail from school where you will receive information on how to register to the new Payment System. The new system will have an app that everyone will need to download. Thank you.

Leavers (Nursery to Year 5): If you are planning to leave Coldfall Primary school at the end of the school year please e-mail the school office and let us know your child’s new school name and address as well as your new address, if applicable. Thank you to those parents who have already contacted the school office.

You Tube

There have been some incidents at school this week involving children using racist, homophobic and aggressive language. When looking into these incidents, all the children involved have shared that this language is something they have watched on You Tube. Please see below a couple of links, which give some guidance on how to keep children safe when watching You Tube. Some of the things that children have reported watching are racist jokes, homophobic jokes and slap battles.

We would encourage you to watch You Tube with your child as inappropriate and offensive content can often follow a video which may have been age appropriate.

There is also a You Tube Kids channel which has some restriction on content. Children watching this content and sharing it with others at school is causing real distress to some of our pupils and we would urge you to consider the impact of what your child is watching.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this any further. Thank you.