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Extra-Curricular Activities

To book a place for activity clubs you will need your SchoolMoney login details. If you do not have these, you will need to contact the school office at

Online booking via the SchoolMoney website will be open from Monday 25th March 2024 at 8.00PMWe are unable to take telephone bookings.  All club places must be paid for one term in advance. Please note that the cost of clubs is £9 per session.  Please check the FAQs area on our website before contacting the school office. Clubs will run from 15th April 2024 to 23rd July 2024. Clubs run from 3.40pm – 4.40pm. Please also note that if your child is collected late from their clubs on three occasions, they will automatically lose their place at their after-school club.

 ** Please note, all clubs scheduled to be outdoors will remain outside, regardless of the weather, due to clubs operating at full capacity. Please send your child to school with the appropriate clothing. **



Summer 2024

3:40 – 4:40pm

Club Leader Location


Clubs Start 15th April 2024

Clubs End 22nd July 2024

No Clubs

Monday 6th May - Bank Holiday


Mixed Football Year 1-2 Global MUGA/Field (Hut)
Basketball Year 4-6 TBC Basketball Court
Multi-Sports Year 3-6 Mr Hylton Top Hall
Minecraft Year 1-6 Mrs Orford ICT Room
French Year 3-5 Ms Verpiot Swan Classroom
Animation and Filmmaking Club Year 5-6 Lucy Whitehead Classroom
Dance Years 1-2 JK Dance Academy Staffroom
Spanish Year 1-2 Mrs Nicolas Classroom



Clubs Start 16th April 2024

Clubs End 23rd July 2024


Chess Year 3-6 Mr Karia Peacock Classroom
Gymnastics Year 3-6 Kingfisher GC Top Hall
Mixed Football Year 3-4 Global MUGA/Field (Hut)
Minecraft Year 1-6 Mrs Orford ICT Room
Drama Production Club Year 3-6 Drama Bones Staffroom
Art Club Year 1-2 Mrs Nicolas Kingfisher Classroom
Multi-sport Year 1-2 TBC Outside
NEW Knitting Year 5-6 Fraser Swift Classroom
Cooking Club Year 4-6 Sign up is separate. Rookie Cooks Food Tech Room




Clubs Start 17th April 2024

Clubs End 17th July 2024

Girls’ Football Year 3-6 TBC MUGA/Field (Hut)
Minecraft Year 1-6 Mrs Orford ICT Room
Gymnastics Year 1-2 Juliette Top Hall
Lego Club Year 1-6 Miss Amoako Classroom
Cricket Club Year 3-6 James (Mdx Cricket) Playground

Cooking Club Year 4-6

Sign up is separate. Please see details below.

Rookie Cooks Food Tech Room
Mixed Table Tennis Year 4-6 Mr Browning Main Hall


Clubs Start 18th April 2024

Clubs End 18th July 2024


No Clubs

2nd May - TAD

11th July - Exhibition Evening

Art Year 3-6 Sam Starr Toucan Classroom
Minecraft Year 1-6 Mrs Orford ICT Room
Multi-sport Year 1-2 TBC Outside
Mixed Football Year 5-6 Global MUGA/Field (Hut)
Athletics Year 3-6 Mr Browning Outside
Lego Club Year 1-6 Mrs Lau Classroom
Dodgeball Year 3-4 Mr Hylton Top Hall



Clubs Start 19th April 2024

Clubs End 19th July 2024


No Clubs

28th June - TAD

Girls’ Football Year 1-2 TBC MUGA
Chess Year 3-6 Mr Karia Woodpecker Classroom
Yoga & Mindfulness Year 1-3 Mrs Nicolas Lower Hall
Minecraft Year 1-6 Mrs Orford ICT Room
Dodgeball Year 5-6 Mr Hylton Top Hall
Dance Year 3-6 JK Dance Academy Food Tech Room
Drama Club Year 1-2 Debutots Classroom
NEW Computer Game Design Club Year 3-6 eAssistant with Moutaz & Mennatallah Helmi ICT Room



Activity Clubs F.A.Q.s

Frequently Asked Questions About Extra-Curricular Clubs

When do clubs run?

Clubs run for the duration of term time, from 3:40pm to 4:40pm. If the school is open, clubs are on. The only exception to this is when school closes early on the last day of term or if there is a special event, e.g.  Parents’ Evening or Fireworks Night – you will not be charged for these days.

What if a club leader is absent?

There are several ways in which a club will be covered in the event of a club leader being absent:

  • A member of Coldfall staff will cover the club
  • In some instances, the club leader will arrange cover in advance
  • The children at the club will take part in a club run by Mr Browning or Mr Hylton that week

Why can’t I find the club I am looking for on SchoolMoney?

When a club is fully booked, they no longer appear on SchoolMoney.

Why do certain days have more clubs for KS1 or KS2?

We try very hard to have a good balance of clubs available to all year groups on any given day; however we are limited by the days that external club leaders are able to deliver their sessions. 

What happens to outdoor clubs during bad weather?

Unless the weather is extreme, all outdoor clubs will continue outside. Please ensure your children have appropriate winter kit for outdoor sports. 

Why can’t more clubs be added to the timetable?

We are currently using all available spaces for extra-curricular clubs. To maintain high standards, as well as for health and safety reasons, we do not have more than 20 children in a club unless an additional adult is available to support this. We have added clubs to the program which has increased overall availability, but we cannot guarantee that your child will get a place in their first choice club.

My child really enjoyed a club. Why has it been cancelled?

Clubs will be cancelled for the following reasons:

  • Lack of demand
  • The club leader can no longer commit to delivering the club

Why don’t you keep a waiting list for clubs?

A waiting list would be very difficult for the school to maintain. It would take up a huge amount of time and would affect the day-to-day running of the office. To make the system as fair as possible, we will inform parents and carers of when the club bookings will open in good time. 

What is your policy on refunds?

No refunds are available. Your child is committed to a club for one term. If you chose for them to stop attending, you will not receive a refund. It is also not possible to switch to another club during the term

In the unlikely event that your child has to be withdrawn from a club due to their behaviour, you will not receive a refund for the remaining sessions. 

Please note that if your child is collected late on three occasions in one term, they will lose their place at their club and you will not receive a refund for the remaining sessions.