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Speech and Language Support



Free resources for activities at home are linked to language. You need to sign up (free). E.g. ‘Attention and listening activities for schools and children’– has top tips, interactive games and signposts on websites. 

They also have a range of good resources to buy, such as posters of blank posters, Interaction poster, Colourful Semantics, Colourful Stories (narrative resources), DLD I’ll Help you Understand it (a useful book for parents and teachers on DLD), and lots more.

You can buy any of their core Language Builders books here too.

Worcester Health and Care

Parent activities and most have videos demonstrating the support/activity.

Some are:

  • Barrier activities
  • Keyword level activities
  • Language concepts

Speech and Language UK

Lots of information for professionals and parents in the Talking Point section of the website (see top toolbar). All clearly signposted and include some resources to download.

Also, Blogs (under ‘News’) have lots of practical advice and resources. For example: ‘Resources for home learning and helping children’s understanding’.

Symbol resource packs for home use

South West Yorkshire SALT

You can filter themes and age groups to find what you are after.

Language Link

A team of speech and language therapists and software engineers developed these packages of assessments and interventions for schools and home called Speech Link and Language Link. They have put together some of their activities and games from their award-winning packages for parents to use freely at home.

Parent portal site: sections are on the top toolbar:

  • What’s new (updated regularly)
  • Activities: – everyday activities and age-linked activities further down the page.
  • Top tip videos are excellent for parents, including a nice Top Tips parent poster. There is a video for each top tip.

Chatter Pack

  • Home – new resources, scroll down for free resources.
  • Resources to buy, cheap
  • Blog – go to: ‘Speech and language, OT and SEND, a list of free online resources’. Scroll right down, past speech sound resources and then to Language Resources. Lots of them are from Language Link.

Speech and Language Kids

Resources and activities devised by a SALT for parents to do at home – a lot online, some to print out. Vocab, speech sounds, receptive and expressive etc.