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Value of the Month

– Peace 

It was a toss-up this morning between an assembly on the invention of Nitro Glycerine or the book ‘5 Minutes Peace’. I opted for the latter as Reception children are starting to attend! Perhaps you know the book?

A busy mummy elephant craves 5 minutes peace away from her 3 young children while she reads the paper in the bath with a cup of tea? Sound enticing? Yes? Me too!

What I realised whilst reading the story is that peace is  a something you can choose to give to others. It puts them first. It is a very gracious act to give. We shared a  peaceful moment in assembly and I was struck by how well and how graciously a child in reception responded. We should try and make more of these Peaceful moments and recognise them as important and precious.

We will also find out how the invention of nitro-glycerine led to one of the most significant acts of peace in the 20th Century.