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Children's Health and Welfare

At Coldfall Primary School, we take our role to act In Loco Parentis extremely seriously. Whilst your children are in our care, we do our utmost to ensure they have a happy and healthy experience, and that we have the best safeguarding measures in place. Staff take part in regular training to fulfil these roles, so that you can rest assured they will remain safe in our care throughout the day.

Below is some information on how we achieve these goals, but if you have any further questions please contact the School Office.

Reporting an Illness

If you need to notify us of an absence due to illness, please contact the School Office at 020 8883 0608 or fill out the form provided below.

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Medical Needs

Parents should notify the school of any medical issues relating to their child on admission to the school, including details of any medication. Children with a long-term medical condition will need to complete a Medical Care Plan (MCP) and email it to the school office

Please read our Medical Needs Policy for further information.

Accidents and Illness

We have qualified first-aiders (list below) on site at all times who will administer first aid for minor accidents. Parents are contacted when any serious accidents happen or if a child sustains a head injury. For this reason, it is imperative that you ensure we have a current phone number for home and work as well as the number of a close friend or relative who can be reached in case of an emergency.  Please ensure the school is updated if there are any changes in this respect. 

List of First Aid Qualified Staff

Leonie Gosling-Brown

Therapis Georgiou

Gail Roose

Mitchell Browning 

Margret Soful-Arslan

Laureline Verpiot

Seraphina Coffman

Pinar Parlayan

Nia Harding-Rickards

List of Paediatric First Aid Qualified Staff

Leonie Gosling-Brown

Seraphina Coffman

Pinar Parlayan

Please read our Medical Needs Policy and our Health and Safety Policy for further information.

Medicines in School

Please note that we are bound by the Local Authority regulations which seek to exclude any drugs from school premises unless absolutely necessary. This means that any antibiotics taken three times a day should be administered before school, at the end of the school day and at bedtime.

Should a child have to take antibiotics four times a day or have other medication during the school day as specifically instructed by the GP, we are happy to administer this medicine. However, before we do so, parents must provide consent and complete the Administering Medicine form. Medication should be provided in the original packaging giving clear administering instructions.

The School's Responsibility

Other medication will not be administered in school (excepting crisis management medication, such as Epipen to combat anaphylactic shock, or upon instructions from the doctor). 

When to Keep Children at Home

As a general rule, children who are unwell should not be sent to school. Any child with a stomach-related 'bug', for example diarrhoea or vomiting, should not attend school for at least two days (48 hours) after the cessation of vomiting and/or diarrhoea.

Please note, should your child continue to be ill, then it is after the last episode of vomiting or diarrhoea that the 48-hour rule will begin.  If a child is returned earlier, you will be asked to return to collect your child.

Medical Absence Request

For medical absences, please complete the absence request form.