What is “The Momo Challenge”, and should I be worried?

Miss Mole answers your questions about the alleged online "dare game".   In school, we overheard some children discussing “Momo” and egging eachother on to look it up on Google in class.  We also found that children as young as 6 knew what it was, and they were pretty...

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Value of the Month

Moral Imagination

Moral imagination is all about having great sources of inspiration to help our children develop empathy.

These sources can be famous people who have changed the world, or made a difference in some way; story and film characters and images from the news.

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Happy Birthday Coldfall!

Happy Birthday Coldfall.  October 2018 This academic year we celebrate the 90th anniversary of our amazing school. Coldfall opened in 1928 as a brand new school and at the time accommodated pupils from the ages of 4-15 years. On Friday 28 September we held a wonderful...

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The New Coldfall Primary School App Is Now Available

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