National Poetry Day

On Thursday at school, we celebrated National Poetry Day. The children spent the day, in their year groups, learning a poem off by heart to perform at our special poetry day assembly. They performed with confidence, clarity and charisma. The children were also treated...

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Value of the Month

Emotional Literacy

The value for October is Habit 1 of our empathy project; Emotional literacy – this is the gateway to teaching children about empathy. It is ensuring children can recognise and understand the feelings and needs of others through their body language, tone of voice, facial expressions and words.

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Happy Birthday Coldfall!

Happy Birthday Coldfall.  October 2018 This academic year we celebrate the 90th anniversary of our amazing school. Coldfall opened in 1928 as a brand new school and at the time accommodated pupils from the ages of 4-15 years. On Friday 28 September we held a wonderful...

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The New Coldfall Primary School App Is Now Available

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