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Weekly Reminders

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  • Weekly reminder 10th April – 14th April 2024

    Published 09/06/24

    Whole School

    You are invited to attend our school sports days on the following dates:



    Monday 10th June

    9.15 Nursery

    11am Reception

    Tuesday 11th June

    9.15am YR 1 and YR 2

    Wednesday 12th June

    9.15am YR 3 and YR 5

    Thursday 13th June

    9.15am YR 4 and YR 6

    These dates may be subject to change if the weather is too wet to use the field. Hopefully it will remain warm and dry throughout the week.

    Nursery-Year 5 - We would like to ask parents to please email the school office if you are planning to leave Coldfall at the end of this academic year. Please include your new address and your child’s new school as we will need to send their records to their new school.

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  • Weekly reminder 3rd April – 7th April 2024

    Published 29/05/24
    • Monday 3rd June is Class Photo Day, please ensure your child is wearing school uniform even if it is not their PE Day.
    • Mr Coetzee has nearly finished the mud kitchen area for our outdoor play. Thank you! To make it a magical, creative, scientific, mathematical and sociable play area we desperately need donations of the following:
    • mashers, wooden spoons, sieves, whisks
    • oold metal tea pots
    • oold scales and measuring jugs
    • oold metal pots and pans,
    • oold cupcake tins
    • pestle and mortar
    • Shells or stones
    • Pine cones
    • An old chalk board
    • You are invited to a language and communication workshop on Thursday 6th June. Please see the attached flyer for the full details.
    • Uniform – as the weather warms up please ensure that, if children are wearing sandals, they are appropriate for school i.e., no flip flops or Crocs as these are not suitable for running and cause accidents. Thank you.


    Payment for the choir trip to Birmingham on 5th July is due by Monday 3rd June.

    Year 1

    Year 1 are performing an African Music Concert on Friday 7th June at 3pm in Lower Hall. Please arrive 5 mins before.

    Year 3

    All Year 3 pupils should have their own recorder which they leave in school in order to be able to participate in year group rehearsals for the upcoming concert.

    Year 5

    Robin Class are heading to Pizza Express on Wednesday 5th June.

    There will be a Gospel Concert for Year 5 on Thursday 6th June at 3pm in Lower Hall. Please arrive five minutes before the start of the performance.

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  • Weekly reminder 20th May – 24th May 2024

    Published 17/05/24

    Whole School

    Any items such as lunchboxes, water bottles or musical instruments that are left at home must be dropped off by 9.30am at the latest. Please do not drop off any forgotten items after this time as it is incredibly disruptive for the office.

    Please share this message with anyone who collects your child: Children are not allowed to stay and play in the school playground after pick up from Nursery, School, Activity Clubs or Night Owls. Please exit the school site as soon as your child has been collected.

    Activity Club pick-up is at 4.40pm. The gate is opened daily at 4.35pm to allow you time to walk to the pick-up point. Please do not come to collect your child before this time unless this is arranged in advance.

    Year 2

    Year 2 have an exciting week ahead! On Monday they will be visited by Highgate Honey, and on Tuesday they are heading to Kew Gardens. Please ensure they have their packed lunch and are dressed appropriately for the weather on Tuesday.

    Year 4
    Peacock Class will be heading to Phasels Wood on Thursday 23rd May. We hope the children will have a wonderful time!

    Year 6

    The children in Y6 have auditions on Tuesday for the Y6 production. They will come home with a script for part of a scene to practise over the weekend. The children will have time to rehearse in groups on Monday.

    Some children are choosing to have a singing audition. The words and backing track for the audition song have been uploaded to Google Classroom.

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  • Weekly reminder 13th May – 19th May 2024

    Published 14/05/24

    Whole School

    Warm and sunny weather:

    • Children should not be wearing sunglasses to school. Instead, they can bring in a sun hat labelled with their full name.
    • Please apply sun cream to your child before school. Children can bring in their own sun cream (with their name on) if they are able to reapply this themselves. Teachers will not be able to help your child apply sun cream.

    Any items such as lunchboxes, water bottles or musical instruments that are left at home must be dropped off by 9.30am at the latest. Please do not drop off any forgotten items after this time as it is incredibly disruptive for the office.

    Don't forget about our Community Litter Pick on Wednesday 15th May at 3.45pm. 


    On Tuesday 14th May Reception will be heading to the local Methodist church. They will have lunch at school as usual.

    Year 1

    Year 1 will be visiting the Tower of London on the following days:

    Flamingo – Wednesday 15th, Hummingbird Thursday 16th and Goldfinch Friday 17th May. Please ensure they have a comfortable and weather appropriate jacket and shoes, as well as a packed lunch.

    Year 2

    Year 2 are having a special still life plant workshop on Monday 13th May.

    Year 3

    On Wednesday 15th May Year 3 will be going on a trip to Alexandra Palace. Please ensure they have a comfortable and weather appropriate jacket and shoes, as well as a packed lunch.

    Year 4

    On Thursday 16th May, Puffin class will embark upon their trip to Phasels Wood. Let’s hope the weather remains sunny for them. Please refer to the kit list attached.

    Year 6

    On Tuesday 2nd July Year 6 will enjoy an evening at the theatre. Please see the letter sent on Tuesday 7th May.

    Next week is SATS week. Please read the email sent by Mr Marshall earlier today.

    Year 6 children who wish to access the field in muddy conditions may do so if they bring wellies to school. Each boot must be labelled with their full name.

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  • Weekly reminder 6th May – 10th May 2024

    Published 07/05/24

    Whole School

    • We are excited to announce the launch of our new website on Tuesday 7th May! Please look out for a the link which will be sent to you on Tuesday.
    • Community Litter Pick - We are joining forces with other local primary schools to clean up our beautiful ancient woodland, Coldfall Woods, that we all love so much.  Please join us if you can!  Children need to accompanied by an adult. We will have litter pickers for the first 30 groups who arrive.

    Date:     Wednesday 15th May
    Time:    3.45 – 4.30
    Place:    Meet in the woods by the gate that goes directly into the woods from the nature trail (go down the path closest to school that leads from Everington Road into the woods, and you’ll see a blue fence on the left – we’ll meet there).

    Bring:    A bag for your rubbish, gardening gloves if you have them.

    Year 1

    Year 1 will have a visit from Hornsey Fire Brigade on Thursday.

    Year 4

    We are really looking forward to the upcoming trips to Phasels Wood. Please see the attached kit list and ensure your child has everything they need for the trip. If you do not have a sleeping bag, one can be borrowed from school. Please email the school office if you would like to borrow a sleeping bag.

    Year 5

    Swan and Swift Class will be heading to Pizza Express this week on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. Robin will be going in June.

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  • Weekly reminder 29th April – 3rd May 2024

    Published 29/04/24

    Whole School

    Please ensure every item of clothing your child brings to school, including coats, are labelled with their full name and class. We currently have 18 unlabelled coats in lost property.

    Thursday 2nd May is TAD Day and the school will be closed to children on this date. School will be open to children on Friday 3rd May.

    Year 2

    Friday 3rd May is Kookaburra class assembly.

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  • Weekly reminder 22nd – 26th April 2024

    Published 22/04/24

    Whole School

    Our school nurse invites all parents and carers to a coffee morning on Friday 26th April at 9.30am in the training room. She will do a short presentation about minor childhood illnesses and healthy lifestyles and take questions.

    Year 6

    Next week we are continuing to work on our art skills to build a whole class collage of our class bird in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.
    As we are doing observational drawings, it would be very helpful if each child could bring in an extra piece or pieces of fruit or vegetables to sketch (as most art lessons occur after morning break). We also need fruit and vegetable packaging- for example netting, paper bags or plastic packaging to add to the collage. We will need this from Monday 22nd, so please bring it in as soon as you can.
    The usual homework books will also restart this week and these have been set as usual on Google Classroom.

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  • Weekly reminder 15th – 19th April 2024

    Published 02/04/24

    Whole School

    There are some TAD days and bank holidays coming up in the Summer term when school will be closed to children.

    These will be on:

    • Thursday 2nd May – TAD day
    • Monday 6th May – Bank Holiday
    • Friday 28th June – TAD Day

    Year 1

    Hummingbird Class Parents’ Evening will be held on 17th and 18th March. If you have not managed to book a slot and would like to, please email who will assist you.

    Year 4

    It is Puffin Class assembly on Friday 19th April.

    Year 5

    In the first week back, Year 5 will be doing some collaborative collage artwork. Please can children bring in materials, such as magazines, newspapers, etc that we could glue for our collage.

    Swift Class will start their swimming lessons on 18th April. They will need the full kit, please see the full letter that was sent separately on 28th March.

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  • Weekly reminder 25th – 29th March 2024

    Published 25/03/24

    Whole School

    • The last day of term is Thursday 28th March. Pick up will be at 1.20pm for Reception classes and 1.30pm for the rest of the school. Please be advised that there are no after school clubs on this date and you have not been charged.
    • On Thursday 28th we will have a school-wide Toy Day where children will be allowed to bring in a game e.g. Snakes and Ladders or Pick up Sticks to play with their class. Children must not bring in any electronics or consoles on this day.
    • In order to ensure the cloakrooms, pegs and troughs are cleared ready for cleaning during the holiday, we will ask children to take everything home with them on Wednesday 26th March.
    • The first day back after the Easter break is 15th April.
    • There will be a TAD day on 2nd May.
    • When dropping off and collecting children from Breakfast Club, After School Club or Nursery please exit the school site straight away. Please do not stay and allow children to play in the school playground, this is not allowed for safeguarding reasons.
    • Please inform Roopa in the office of any changes you want to request for Breakfast Club or Night Owls before the end of term.
    • Activity club booking will go live at 8pm on Monday 25th March. We recommend downloading and logging into the SchoolMoney app ahead of time as this will make booking easier for you on the day.

    Cooking club booking will also go live at 8pm on Monday 25th March. However, this cannot be booked Via SchoolMoney. Instead, please follow these links:

    Rookie Cooks Tuesdays Summer Term

    Rookie Cooks Wednesdays Summer Term


    We are delighted to invite parents and carers to be a mystery reader for their child’s class next term. The mystery reader keeps their identity a secret from their child and we have a big reveal when they arrive to read to the class at story time. As a mystery reader, you bring a book from home to read to the class.
    The dates available for next term are:
    16th, 23rd, 30th April
    7th, 14th, 21st May
    4th, 11th, 18th, 25th June
    2nd, 9th July
    Please arrive at 2.55pm on the date you are assigned.
    Please email you child’s teacher, via, if you would like to take part. Please do not email the teacher directly.

    Year 5

    Year 5 are visiting London Zoo on Monday 25th March. Children should arrive at 8.30am with a packed lunch, which must not contain nuts or nut products, in a rucksack, comfortable shoes and a raincoat as it is likely to rain.

    If your child has a Zoo membership, please ensure they bring proof of this with them on the day.

    Year 6

    • Monday 25th March

    For the school trip, children need a backpack, a packed lunch and a coat- the weather forecast is for rain. Children should be in school uniform. Please could parent helpers sign in at the office and come to the classrooms by 9.15am at the latest. Thank you.

    • Tuesday 26th March

    The children need a 9v battery and some form of box to house the electrical circuit of their steady hand game.

    • Wednesday 27th March

    The children can dress up as someone from the WW2 period if they choose, or they can stay in school uniform.

    For the make do and mend section of the day: please could the children bring in a worn-out item of clothing that they could mend. This could be something as small as a glove or a sock.

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  • Weekly reminder 18th – 22nd March 2024

    Published 18/03/24

    Whole School

    • The last day of term is Thursday 28th March and we will break up at 1.30 pm. There will be no Night Owls, Early Years After School Club or Activity Clubs on this day.
    • You are invited to attend a special ‘Stay and Play’ session. Each session will run from 9-10.30am approximately.

    Year 1 - 27th March

    Year 2 - 26th March

    Year 3 - 25th March 3pm

    Year 4 - 25th March

    Year 5 - 27th March

    Year 6 - 26th March

    • Activity Clubs – we have added two more Activity Clubs to our ever-growing provision.

    Knitting club will be available to book on Monday 25th March, along with our other clubs, for Year 5 and 6. It will be run by Fraser, a knitting specialist with a MA from Central Saint Martins. Beginners and more experienced knitters welcome!

    Game Design Club will introduce computer programming in a fun way, allowing children to design their own interactive animations, games and stories in 2D/3D environments.

    Please see the updated Activity Club timetable attached.

    • This is the final reminder to enter the Royal Academy Young Artists Show!  Applications close on 27th March at 5pm.


    Dove class will be heading to the Woods with Mrs Greene on Monday 18th March. Thank you to the volunteers who make these little excursions possible. There is also a Reception Farm Trip on Thursday 21st (Eagle and Chaffinch) and Friday 22nd (Dove).  Children must arrive at school on time, in uniform, with a packed lunch that they can carry.  Please ensure you have paid via SchoolMoney.

    Year 4

    Due to the unexpected downpour this afternoon, we will sadly need to reschedule our trip to the woods. We will let you know as soon as possible when we have a date.

    It is Pelican Class assembly on Friday 22nd March.

    Year 6
    On Tuesday 26th March, Year 6 will take part in a DT Day where they will make their own steady hand game! We would love parent volunteers to come and lend a hand. The times are 11:00 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 15:15. If you are available to help, please let me know. For the steady hand game, all resources have been provided by the school. The only item we need children to bring in is one 9 vault battery. We do have some, but not enough for each child. It would be fantastic if the children could bring in their own. These can be brought in from next week. Children will have their World War II experience day on Wednesday 27th March. They can come into school in World War Two clothing. They will be taking part in VE Day dancing, Make do and Mend, coding, Dig for Victory. They will also attend a talk by Gloria who will share her and her family's experience of World War II. Please see messages from your class reps for specifics for each class.

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  • Weekly reminder 11th –15th March 2024

    Published 12/03/24

    Whole School

    • On Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th March we have Parents’ Evening. Please be aware that, due to the number of appointments, teachers must keep these meetings to 10 minutes only in order to stay on schedule. Please note, if you have booked and SEND Support Meeting with Miss Buckley, you do not need to attend Parents’ Evening next week.
    • As Parents’ Evening is on 13th and 14th March there will be no Activity Clubs on these days. Please collect your child at 3.30pm. You have not been charged for these sessions. Night Owls and Early Years After School Club will run as normal.
    • Cosmetics such as lip gloss and body spray are not appropriate for school. Please ensure your child does not bring these in. If required, children may bring in a clear lip balm.
    • We are going to be counting our plastic waste at school as part of the Big Plastic Count. It’s an easy and fun way to get a real sense of how much plastic we use and throw away every day, and the data we collect will help put pressure on the government and businesses to reduce plastic packaging.  We encourage you to take part at home too – details via this link:


    Eagle Class will be visiting Coldfall Woods for Forest School with Mrs Greene on Monday 11th March.

    Year 4

    Next Wednesday 13th March Year 4 will be going into Coldfall Woods to support our learning on rainforests. Please ensure children have appropriate footwear and coats. Thank you!

    Year 5

    Please can children in Swan Class bring either an apron or old t-shirt to school on Monday 18th and Friday 22nd March to protect their uniform from messy art work. Thank you.

    Year 6

    Year 6 children will be going on a local history walk (weather permitting) around Muswell Hill to see and discuss local sites that were bombed in World War II. These walks will take place on the following days:

    • Toucan class – Monday 11th March 14:00-15:20
    • Wren class – Wednesday 13th March 14:00-15:20
    • Woodpecker class – Thursday 14th March 14:00-15:20

    Please ensure children have weather appropriate coats and suitable shoes on these days.

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  • Weekly reminder 16th-20th October 2023

    Published 16/10/23
    Whole School At pick up and drop off from school and clubs please do not remain on the school site. Children should not play in the playground or on the climbing frame once they have been collected. Please only give your child healt
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