School Staff

Senior Leadership Team


Ewan Marshall

Head Teacher

Lorraine King

Assistant Head Teacher Training School

Sebastian Descrettes

Assistant Head Teacher

Emily Gazzard

Deputy Head Teacher

Tsveta Dimitrova

School Business Manager


In Flamingo class assembly the children told a story about how everybody has worries. Fortunately they also shared how talking about our worries and problems can help them to reduce and go away.

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Department for Education

Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants



Louise O'Mahoney

Lead Practitioner, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Seraphina Coffman (Nursery Nurse)

Lucy Pilagosian (Teaching Assistant)

Pinar Parlayan (Teaching Assistant)





Year 2

Sevda Kemal

Year Team Leader

Shania Hughes (Class Teacher)

Shan Bains (Class Teacher)

Joanna Gabrielson (Teaching Assistant)

Izella Drake (Teaching Assistant)

Diana Moiseienko (Teaching Assistant)

Kamila Barac (Teaching Assistant)

Robyn-Nicole Palmer (Teaching Assistant)




Year 5

Damian Mason

Year Team Leader

Anne Grasby (Class Teacher)

Yasmin Kadir (Class Teacher)

Margaret Arslan (Teaching Assistant)

Susan Zimmermann(Teaching Assistant)


Gemma Colquhoun

Year Team Leader

Caroline Gardiner (Class Teacher)

Minnie Baker-Samson (Class Teacher)

Melissa Orford (Teaching Assistant)

Natasha Georgakos (Teaching Assistant)

Ella Alakija (Teaching Assistant)

Wah Chun Lai (Teaching Assistant)

Ayla Sancaktaroglu (Teaching Assistant)

Charleigh Moreno (Teaching Assistant)

Karla Ascanio de Abreu (Teaching Assistant)

Year 3

Daisy Johns

Year Team Leader

Jojo Brook-Smith (Class Teacher)

Helen Winstanley (Class Teacher)

Joanna Gabrielson (Teaching Assistant)

Gail Roose (Teaching Assistant)

Demet Danisi (Teaching Assistant)

Laureline Verpiot (Teacher Assistant)




Year 6

Angela Sharma

Year Team Leader

Katy Bruce (Class Teacher)

Ailsa Macaldowie (Class Teacher)

Karla Ascanio de Abreu (Teaching Assistant)

Eva Nicolas (Teaching Assistant)

Sonia Amoako (Teaching Assistant)


Year 1

Ceri Roberts

Year Team Leader

Emma Coleman (Class Teacher)

Lina Osorno Maldonado (Class Teacher)

Kate Salter (Teaching Assistant)

Ayfer Karali (Teaching Assistant)

Ellie Montoya (Teaching Assistant)

Michelle Warr (Teaching Assistant)


Year 4

Jo Hohl

Year Team Leader

Rhianna Roberts  (Class Teacher)

Ella Minton (Class Teacher)

Demet Danisi (Teaching Assistant)

Judy Lau (Teaching Assistant)

Damel Carayol (Teaching Assistant)

Other Teaching Staff

Kate Vetch

Music Teacher

Mitchell Browning (PE Teacher)

Megan Greene (Eco Schools and Travel Plan Co-ordinator)

Erin Brown (Maternity Leave)

Jennifer Foster (Oracy Teacher)

Amy Doust (Teacher)

Hanna Cheesman (Oracy Teacher)

Silvana Rekaj (Maternity Leave)

Micah Hylton (PE Teaching Assistant)

SEND & Pastoral Care



Jenna Buckley-Moran

SEND Coordinator

Learning Mentor


Alex Sapirstein

Learning Mentor, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Support Staff



Petia Petrova

Office Manager

Nia Harding-Rickards – PA to the Head Teacher/Clerk to the Governors

Leonie Gosling-Brown – Receptionist and Welfare Officer

Roopa Makena – Finance Assistant

Ana Clavé – School Network Technician

Lunchtime Staff




Avril Appiah – Asst Cook

Anna Nieciecka – Catering Asst.

Rose Amoako – Catering Asst.

Chandra Rollingson – Catering Asst.

Beatrice Adu – Catering Asst.

Serena Green – Catering Asst.

Anibal Vilhete – Catering Asst.

Lidia D’Araujo – Lunchtime Supervisor

Sabiha Ahmed – Lunchtime Supervisor

Suratha Jeevanantham – Lunchtime Supervisor

Comfort (Mary Debra) – Lunchtime Supervisor

Illa Mandanka – Lunchtime Supervisor

June Whan Chun – Lunchtime Supervisor

Tine Brockdorff – Lunchtime Supervisor

Site and Cleaning


Glenn Goodey

Site Manager

Therapis Georgiou – Assistant Site Manager

Petrona Carey – Gardener

Anna Nieciecka – Cleaning Supervisor

Anna Sek – Cleaner

Comfort (Mary Debra) – Cleaner

Avril Appiah – Cleaner

Anibal Vilhete – Cleaner

Before and After School Staff

Margaret Arslan

Breakfast and After School Leader

Gail Roose – Early Birds (F/T) and Night Owls Supervisor (P/T)

Margaret Arslan – Early Birds (F/T) and Night Owls Supervisor (P/T)

Melissa Orford – Early Birds

June Whan Chun – Early Birds

Rose Amoako – Night Owls

Therapis Georgiou – Night Owls

Sabiha Ahmed – Night Owls

Robyn-Nicole Palmer – Night Owls

Lidia D’Araujo – Night Owls

Nora Hadari – Night Owls

Naiima Muhyadin – Night Owls

Ayla Sancaktaroglu – Night Owls