PE and Sports Premium

Last academic year we received additional sports funding to improve PE provision.

The money was used to meet the following key aims:

  • New CPD for staff, to maintain high quality lessons.
  • To motivate and inspire pupils in developing healthy and active lifestyles
  • To replenish and increase the equipment we have to maintain and allow high quality teaching.


To meet these aims Coldfall employs an additional sports coach, as outlined above, who works alongside our PE teacher.  Children are engaged and motivated through additional dance, gym and sports sessions before school and at lunchtimes.

Having a full-time sports coach working alongside our PE teacher has increased the capacity for in-house CPD, which in turn further improves outcomes for children.

The work of our sports coach directly contributed to Coldfall being awarded the Platinum Standard in the Sainsbury’s School Games Mark, this is achieved once you have been awarded the Gold standard for 4 years in a row.

The remaining funding enables the school to buy into Haringey’s CPD for PE, which further develops staff skills and competence in other areas of the PE curriculum.


How the funding was spent:

Total Grant for 2018 – 19   = £21,400               

PE Coach                                                          £16,045

Haringey CPD                                                  £1,350

Gymnastics and Playground Equipment            £4,005


Funding for 2019/20           

Under the current DfE guidelines we will receive the same amount of funding as last academic year and will use it in the same way in order to further embed the excellent practice at Coldfall Primary School.             


By investing heavily in equipment and CPD this year we are planning for the future. This equipment will enable staff to teach high quality lessons and should not need replacing for a number of years. The CPD will also help build staffs knowledge and allow for a wider range of sports to be taught in PE.

In addition to activities linked to Sports Premium Funding, our sports coach delivers five clubs a week as part of our extra-curricular clubs offer.  The revenue gained from this will allow us to sustain the model described above as well as provide further CPD and more opportunities to engage children in physical activity.

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