Coldfall was designated as a Teaching School in March 2015. This designation is in recognition of the exemplary practice and standards at the school and the long standing track record of developing and supporting the practice of other schools, teachers and school leaders. Coldfall works in conjunction with Haringey LA, Middlesex University and Osiris to provide professional development to other schools.

Our aims as a Teaching School are to share and develop the very best practice and enable schools to work together and learn from each other to ensure children in our communities have the most inspirational education.

The Teaching School provision is overseen by Dan Walker, who has over 30 years experience in teaching and leadership. If you would like to broker an aspect of support through us please contact Dan Walker by emailing him on :

Please visit the drop down tabs for more information on the key elements of our offer.

Value of the Month

Emotional Literacy

The value for October is Habit 1 of our empathy project; Emotional literacy – this is the gateway to teaching children about empathy. It is ensuring children can recognise and understand the feelings and needs of others through their body language, tone of voice, facial expressions and words.

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