Extracurricular Activities

CLICK HERE TO SET UP YOUR SCHOOL MONEY LOGIN FOR CLUB BOOKING AND PAYMENT (please note, a login must be created in advance to be able to book a club.)

Online booking via the school website will be open from Monday 2nd December 2019 at 7PM. We are unable to take telephone bookings.  All club places must be paid for one term in advance. Please note that the cost of clubs is £7 per session.  No refunds will be offered. Please check the T&Cs area before emailing the school office. Clubs will run from 6/1/20 to 2/4/20.


Day Spring 2020

3:40 – 4:40pm

Club Location



Clubs Start 6th January 2020

Clubs End 30th March 2020



Mixed Football   Year 1-2 MUGA/Field
Yoga Year 1 – 3 Staff room
Multi-Sports 3 – 6 Upper Hall
Netball Year 5 – 6 Playground
MInecraft Year 1-6 ICT Room
Girls’ Table Tennis Year 3-6 Main Hall
Newspaper Club Year4-6 Classroom



Clubs Start 7th January 2020

Clubs End 31st March 2020


Chess Year 3- 4 Classroom
Gymnastics  Year 1 -2 Upper Hall
Mixed Football Year 3-4 MUGA/Field
Basketball Year 4-6 Basketball Court
Yoga Year 4 – 6 Lower Hall
MInecraft Year 1-6 ICT Room



Clubs Start 8th January 2020

Clubs End 1st April 2020


Girls’ Football Year 3 – 6 MUGA/Field
Athletics/Tag Rugby  Year 3 – 6 Playground
Dance Year 1 – 2 Lower Hall
Mixed Table Tennis Yr 3-6 Main Hall
Cartoon Art Club Year 3-6 Classroom
MInecraft Year 1-6 ICT Room



Clubs Start 9th January 2020

Clubs End 2nd April 2020


 No clubs Parents’ evening

12th March 2020

Art Year 3 -6 Classroom
MInecraft Year 1-6 ICT Room
Yoga Year 1-3 Staff Room
Cricket Club Yr 3-6 Playground
Cartoon Art Club year 1-2 Classroom
Multi-sport Year 1 – 2 Field
Gymnastics Year 3 – 6 Upper Hall
Mixed Football  Year 5-6 MUGA/Field


 Clubs Start 10th January 2020

Clubs End 27th March 2020



American Football Year 3 – 6 MUGA/Field
Netball  Year 3 – 4 Playground
Science Club Year 3-4 Classroom
Chess Year 5-6 Classroom
MInecraft Year 1-6 ICT Room

Also note that we are running at full capacity, every available space is being used for a club.

Any children that are attending clubs that take place outside should dress appropriately as we have no room to bring them inside if the weather is bad.

 Clubs run from 3:40 – 4:40pm.Please also note that if your child is collected late on three occasions, they will automatically lose their place at their after-school club.

** Please note, all clubs scheduled to be outside will remain outside due to clubs operating at full capacity. Please send your child to school with the correct clothing. **


Football (multiple sessions/ year groups) and Multi-Sports (year3-6) – Football clubs will be delivered by Global Football Academy.  Groups will be mixed, and divided according to year group.  Sessions will focus on using small sided games to develop teamwork and skills with an emphasis on all children being active participants throughout.

Yoga – multiple sessions/ year groups (Year 1 -6) – Gabrielle Haynes will deliver Yoga to Year 1 -3 children.   She has over 15 years of experience in teaching Yoga, including Yoga for kids. Her classes will give children confidence, open their minds and their imagination, whilst stretching and strengthening their bodies to achieve poses both on their own and with partners.

Art (Year 3 -6) – Art Club will be delivered by Sahar Styles. Sahar joined the Coldfall team in 2018, after working within the design industry in London across a number of roles, most recently as a Graphic Designer. She was also a High School Art Teacher in her native Iran, prior to moving to the UK. She completed her Master of Arts in Communication/Graphic Design in Kingston, London 2010.

Sahar has a passion for Art and Children and relishes the opportunity of bringing these two things together in a fun environment for the kids of Coldfall.

Chess- multiple sessions/ year groups (Year 3 – 6) – Chess will continue to be delivered by Kamlesh Karia.  Children taught by Kamlesh have taken part in competitions both locally and nationally, winning trophies and gaining valuable experience of competing against others.  Chess has proven to be a very popular activity at Coldfall, building on the excellent teaching Kamlesh delivers as part of our enrichment curriculum in Year 3.

Gymnastics (Year 1 – 2 & Year 3 – 6) and Netball (Year 3-4 & 5 -6) – These sessions will be taken by Charlie McNamara.  Charlie holds coaching qualifications in each of the above and will focus on developing and building on children’s skills, allowing them to become highly confident and competent when taking part in gymnastics, dance or netball. Monday Netball will now be for years 5 and 6. Friday Netball will be for years 3 and 4.

Tag Rugby/Athletics (Year 3 – 6), Multi-Sports (Year 1 -2) and American Football (Year 3 -6) – These sessions will be taken by Mitchell Browning, our PE teacher. American football is also run by Mrs Gail Roose when Mr Browning is at Sport competitions.

American Football and Tag-rugby will be non-contact and focus on ball handling skills, movement and teamwork. The Tag Rugby/Athletics clubs will alternate between the two sports, working on speed, fitness and general skills.

School Newspaper/Magazine Club (Year 4 to 6) – School Magazine Club (Year 4 to 6)
Professional Editor and Graphic Designer Andy Williams leads our School Magazine Club.  The result, at the end of each term, will be a finished magazine with content created by Coldfall Pupils for Coldfall Pupils.  Each magazine will feature articles, stories, reviews, puzzles and artwork created by the children.  Seven issues of Let’s Talk Coldfall have been produced so far and all profits from the magazine go to our school charity, Educaid.

Cartoon Club (Year 4 to 6 and Years 1 to 2) – Professional Cartoonist and Illustrator Andy Williams leads our Cartoon Clubs.  As well as concentrating on good drawing techniques, the club will also focus on other aspects of cartoons and comics, such as characterisation, plot and storytelling.  Many of the children from Cartoon Club also have the chance for their artwork to be featured in the school magazine.

Mixed Table Tennis Club (Years 3-6) – This club will be led by Thomas Amoako and will work on the fundamental skills of table tennis as well as fun and enjoyment of playing games. Thomas Amoako has a lot of experience coaching and teaching table tennis as he has helped lead our girls table tennis group for the past 3 years.

Minecraft- multiple sessions (Years 1-6) – Minecraft Club will be delivered by Chelsea Bennett on Mondays and Ms Sapirstein on Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays, with the support of Miss Mole.  Children work together to build a shared world and practise their online communication and problem solving skills in a safe, contained environment. Our focus is on the collaborative, creative and social benefits of Minecraft and the joy of imaginative play.

Girls Table Tennis (Year 3-6) – This club will be led by Thomas Amoako and will work on the fundamental skills of table tennis as well as fun and enjoyment of playing games. Thomas Amoako has a lot of experience coaching and teaching table tennis as he has helped lead our mixed table tennis group for the past 3 years.

Basketball (Year 4-6) – This club will be led by Thomas Amoako; the club will cover all aspects of the game and try to develop each individuals skill set.

Cricket (Year 3-6) –  Highgate Cricket Club level 2 ECB coaches deliver dynamic and inclusive sessions developing key batting, bowling and mobility skills.  No previous cricket experience necessary, just a healthy appetite for having fun in a safe environment.  All-comers welcome.  http://highgatecc.play-cricket.com/ For more information on playing cricket outside of school please contact Johan De Silva on highgatefixturessecretary@gmail.com

Science Club (Year 3-4) – Science club will be delivered by Helen Coates. Helen started working at Coldfall in September 2019. She successfully ran a Science club at her previous school and as a graduate in Chemistry from the University of Sheffield, Helen enjoys sharing her love of Science. Her sessions will be practical and fun; where your child will gain a greater understanding of how chemical reactions impact the world we live in.

Music Tuition – BOOKINGS CLOSED – Year 4 and 5 only

Lessons in flute, clarinet, saxophone and trumpet will be delivered by teachers from Haringey Music Hub. Lessons will be in groups of three and last for thirty minutes. They are open to children from year 4 and 5 only. Payment must be made in advance on a termly basis. Children are expected to take lessons for at least one year. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn an ensemble instrument alongside their friends and will result in opportunities for performances.

CLUBS Terms and Conditions
Frequently asked question about extra-curricular clubs

When do clubs run?

Clubs run for the duration of term time, from 3:40pm to 4:40pm.  If the school is open, clubs are on.  The only exception to this is when school closes early on the last day of term or if there is a special event e.g. film night in the summer term – you will not be charged for these days.

What if a club leader is absent?

There are several ways in which a club will be covered in the event of a club leader being absent:-

  • A member of Coldfall staff will cover the club
  • In some instances, the club leader will arrange cover in advance
  • The children at the club will take part in a club run by Mr Browning or Charlie that week

Why can’t I find the club I am looking for on School Money?

When a club is fully booked, they no longer appear on School Money.

Why do certain days have more clubs for KS1 or KS2?

We try very hard to have a good balance of clubs available to all year groups on any given day; however we are limited by the days that external club leaders are able to deliver their sessions. 

What happens to outdoor clubs during bad weather?

Unless the weather is extreme, all outdoor clubs will continue outside.  Please ensure your children have appropriate winter kit for outdoor sports. 

Why can’t more clubs be added to the timetable?

We are currently using all available spaces for extra-curricular clubs.  To maintain high standards, as well as for health and safety reasons, we do not have more than 20 children in a club unless an additional adult is available to support this.  We have added clubs to the program which has increased overall availability, but we cannot guarantee that your child will get a place in their first choice club.

My child really enjoyed a club.  Why has it been cancelled?

Clubs will be cancelled for the following reasons:-

  • Lack of demand
  • The club leader can no longer commit to delivering the club


Why don’t you keep a waiting list for clubs?

A waiting list would be very difficult for the school to maintain. It would take up a huge amount of time and would affect the day-to-day running of the office.  To make the system as fair as possible, we will inform parents and carers of when the club bookings will open in good time. 


What is your policy on refunds?

No refunds are available. Your child is committed to a club for one term.  If you chose for them to stop attending, you will not receive a refund.  It is also not possible to switch to another club during the term

In the unlikely event that your child has to be withdrawn from a club due to their behaviour, you will not receive a refund for the remaining sessions. 

Please note that if your child is collected late on three occasions in one term, they will lose their place at their club and you will not receive a refund for the remaining sessions.