The Curriculum

The National Curriculum subjects are English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Religious Education (RE), Art and Design, Music, Computing, Design and Technology, Physical Education, and for KS2 a modern foreign language.

Our Curriculum Statement


  • To nurture and develop well rounded capable and caring individuals who are exemplary citizens, enabling strong future opportunities in which they can thrive.
  • To give children the knowledge, skills and attitudes to lead a rich and fulfilling life, with positive relationships, and a strong sense of commitment to making a positive contribution to the world.

In order to achieve the above we need to ensure children:

  • Have firm foundations of basic skills (speaking (oracy) and language acquisition, reading, writing, maths) which they can use and apply.
  • Have a broad range of exciting and creative opportunities to discover and nurture their individual talents.
  • Understand the distinct nature of the different subject disciplines that enable one to become a specialist in a particular area eg. An artist or a historian etc developing increasing knowledge, skills and concepts/specialist vocabulary over time
  • Develop a set of core human values which underpin their SMSC and character development, their sense of uniqueness and self worth as an individual.
  • Have access and opportunity for all individuals to achieve their potential.
  • To develop children’s thinking, questioning and independent learning (metacognition) skills
  • To prepare children to be ready for the next stage in their education

The Coldfall Primary School curriculum consists of:

  • The National Curriculum core and foundation subjects which are in part taught as distinct subject areas and in part through topics within a relevant, contextual and inspiring creative global curriculum entitled “A journey around the world”.
  • Specialist provision in music, PE, Art and French
  • Eco/green learning
  • RE, PHSE, Citizenship and SRE.
  • Values and character Education.
  • An enrichment programme for each year group comprising chess, forest school, cooking, additional music and green/ eco learning.
  • A programme of extracurricular activities which include creative and physical opportunities.

Overview of the National Curriculum for Years 1 to 6      (PDF format).

Key Skills in English and Mathematics

Particular skill areas are described as ‘key skills’ because they help learners to improve their learning and performance in education, work and life. These are embedded in the school’s curriculum.

Visit the CLASS PAGES for a particular year group/subject to read the expectations, or go to the ENGLISH or MATHS pages for the full range of Year group content.


Value of the Month


‘A successful team is a group of many hands but of one mind.’

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